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Revolutionize retail decision-making with powerful mobility insights

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Smart mobility data give you insights to help you improve your in-store, advertising and location performance.

The more you know about your customers, the better. Wejo gives you powerful location-based insights so you can understand when, where and how your customers travel, so you can make data-driven investment decisions for store acquisition and deliver market-leading omni-channel experience.

Transform decision making with mobility data

Discover powerful connected vehicle data and how retailers are using it to enhance in-store strategy, optimise store and pick-up location, measure advertisement performance and much more.

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Measure store success effectively

Look beyond transactions at the cashier - understanding store traffic and visitation patterns are crucial to help you improve your brick-and-mortar performance and select the next ideal location.

Understand your customers better

Hard objective data that help you understand shopper demographics - from where your customers are traveling from and when they visit your site to what types of vehicles they drive. These can be answered by location-based insights.

Find out how your competitors are performing

No more working in silos - power up your competitor analysis by understanding other retailers’ store performance, peak shopping days and shopper demographics.

Enhance marketing & merchandising strategies for retailers

One of North America’s largest big-box retailers wanted to better understand customer behavior across its 10,000+ stores. Historically, obtaining a granular view of buyer behavior in each location is challenging and expensive, so they turned to Wejo to help them with data-driven marketing campaigns and merchandising strategies.

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“We are really just scratching the surface when it comes to what connected vehicle data can do to help us better understand what’s going on around our existing properties and evaluate the potential of new site locations”
Chris Myers, Senior Specialist, GIS & Research
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