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Understand how drivers behave as they move through intersections without leaving your desk

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No hardware or fieldwork required

Eradicate the traditional cost and time expenditure required to monitor intersections, using insights gathered directly from millions of connected vehicles. With Intersection Performance, you can visualize turning movement counts, turning movement ratios, peak-hour factor and filter by time of day and selected days, to help you understand how drivers behave as they move through intersections.

Monitoring traffic patterns, improving traffic flow and understanding unnecessary delays at intersections does not have to be a long and drawn-out process. Intersection performance is here to help you identify and solve these problems using accurate and unbiased insights.

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Why Intersection Performance?
Data Accuracy

Make smart recommendations to prevent traffic, congestion, and bottleneck issues at intersections by using accurate, consistent, and reliable insights from connected vehicle data.

Speed of Visibility

You could spend multiple weeks doing fieldwork to gather data from one intersection. Or you can access detailed insight for any intersection of your choice within minutes.

Boost operational efficiency

With granular data coming directly from connected vehicles, you can now monitor intersection performance without expensive hardware or manual fieldwork.

Drive innovation

Drill into previously inaccessible sources of data and achieve a level of data transparency that mitigates the potential for biased data collection and analysis.

Easy access to big data insights

Explore intersections across every US state, with data spanning multiple years of history. Analyse insights for a defined period by a to get the answers you need.

Turn-count information

Quick and easy access to turn-count information and turning movement ratios without the need for expensive equipment - available at the click of a button.

Export insights for further study

Download intersection information in a tabular format ready for importing into a modelling tool of your choice.

"We can now carry out a months’ worth of analysis within 45 minutes, that previously would have taken 2-3 years, all using Wejo data”
Darcy Bullock, Director of the Joint Transportation Research Center at Purdue University
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