Connected vehicle data for Traffic Information

Improving road safety for everyone with traffic management data

Traffic Intelligence for smarter, safer and more convenient journeys… whatever the weather.

Making journeys better, more convenient, and safer throughout the year for all are just some of the key benefits of Wejo’s connected vehicle data.

Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter, our Traffic Intelligence delivers smarter traffic management, improved road networks, better urban and location planning, as well as enhanced routing and navigation.

Watch the video below and see the positive effect Traffic Intelligence can have during times of extreme weather.

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How connected vehicle data can help

Wejo works with Local, State, and Federal Government, the public sector, and private organizations to provide highly granular and accurate insights about live traffic conditions and deeper knowledge about real-world journey trends. By incorporating connected vehicle data and Wejo insights into existing systems and processes, or supporting new and innovative solutions, organizations can respond faster and more intelligently without the cost or hurdles associated with traditional data capture.

Why Wejo?

We collaborate closely with our automotive, public and private sector partners to develop connected car data services and products that meet partner needs.

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Volume, accuracy, speed & scale

Wejo has one of the largest data assets of authentic, high resolution, connected car data. This is objectively superior to mobile and static mobility data, offering significantly enhanced accuracy and quality.

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Flexible integration

Flexible access and usage methods - including integration with leading toolsets and open source technology - enable our partners to seamlessly benefit from ground-breaking data and insights.

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Privacy and security by design

Our privacy and security policies ensure that what’s private, stays private. Wejo holds several recognized security certifications and is audited by independent third-party organizations.

Connected vehicle data and insights from multiple OEMs

Traffic information enables a wide range of use cases such as:

Understand live and historic vehicle movements on the road network to determine current congestion and congestion trends, including seasonal differences to improve route planning, navigation ETAs and traffic control or calming measures.

React at pace
Rapidly identify changes to the road network, such as temporary closures, new roads, or revised signal priorities, to enhance maps and predictive traffic models.

Intelligent improvements
Use road and traffic modeling to inform road and intersection improvements, infrastructure and construction, work zone planning and road closures, improving road utilization and safety for drivers and construction workers.

Live monitoring
Monitor and analyze potential or live issues on the road network, including live lane blockages, intersection signal failures, breakdowns or crashes and hyper-local adverse weather to inform drivers and take proactive remediation activities.

Smart infrastructure
Empower smart infrastructures such as connected signals and dynamic signage, improving the accuracy of travel times between intersections, temporary speed limits and automated lane closures.

Understand real-world journeys, origin-destination and visitor behavior for any point of interest or location, to inform city, town and urban planning, real estate opportunities, retail location performance and financial analysis.


Understand and predict parking availability in off-street and on-street locations based on previous and current journeys, helping reduce the time taken to find parking at any destination.

Deep understanding
Assess and implement potential congestion charging or low emission zones, with a granular city-wide understanding of journeys, road usage and congestion, ensuring fairness and expected benefits are realized.

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