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Disrupting with big data

We are a trusted partner of global car manufacturers. That's because our products and services are made to unlock the value in autonomous, electric and connected vehicle data. With them, you can adapt more efficiently in an ever-changing consumer and industry landscape. Wejo provides fully flexible, end-to-end mobility data solutions designed for automotive manufacturers.

Top data privacy challenges you need to know in a Connected Car World

How can you comply with legislation while still maximizing the legitimate commercial potential of the data you collect? Discover the the biggest privacy challenges facing the industry today...

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The way we travel is changing

We’re rapidly moving to a world in which vehicles are more automated, connected, electrified and shared, driven in part by consumer demand and regulatory changes.

Consumer behavior is shifting. Drivers, riders and owners are less brand loyal, prioritizing car features, convenience and price points. Sustainability is high on their agendas, with a focus on the importance of environmental issues and wellbeing. Cars are becoming more intelligent, putting data privacy and security at the forefront of consumers’ minds.

By 2030, 44% of the 600 million new cars sold worldwide will be connected* [*‘Evaluating the Connected Car Data Hub Market’, Ptolemus Consulting Group, 2020], with that connectivity increasing in sophistication. This is creating an explosion of rich, reliable and accurate data. The potential of autonomous, electric and connected vehicle data is limitless, it will shape our journeys, transform the way we do business and ultimately change our lives for the better.


Define your autonomous, electric and connected vehicle data strategy

To differentiate and succeed in a competitive market, manufacturers need to adapt their business models. Wejo’s expertise in data strategy and services enables you to leverage the value of autonomous, electric and connected vehicle data in a number of ways:

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New revenue streams

Powering a new ecosystem of innovations and opening up new revenue opportunities by making autonomous, electric and connected vehicle data available to the wider market.

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Business efficiencies

Integrate mobility insights into your strategies to better understand your drivers and owners - from optimizing marketing targeting and spend, to enabling innovations in R&D and product development.

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Customer experience

As customers become less brand loyal and more benefit led, manufacturers need to ensure they are offering the best experience possible. Data from your autonomous, electric and connected vehicles will give you the insights to develop personalized customer experiences and consumer propositions.

Our services

We partner with car manufacturers on a number of services allowing them to utilize the data they have at their fingertips.

Business Insights

Gain accurate and valuable intelligence using Wejo’s knowhow that helps you to make confident data-driven decisions that transform your business.

Connectivity Solutions

Provides end-to-end system integration to offer fully automated solutions to unlock new revenue streams, business efficiencies and improve customer experience.

Consultancy Services

Supports our partners with professional services, enabling new innovations whilst delivering brilliant solutions that solve business challenges.

Data Marketplace

Maximize revenue from your autonomous, electric and connected vehicle data data through Wejo’s trusted and leading data exchange Marketplace.

Data Services

We help your organization to accelerate by providing our key capabilities from Wejo’s award winning data platform.

Our technology

Our specialist ADEPT platform was curated by us to ensure it’s reliable and compliant. The cloud-based platform removes the barriers of sharing autonomous, electric and connected vehicle data and maximizes the value the data holds for vehicle manufacturers, drivers and public and private sector businesses.

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Privacy and security

Privacy and security are core to our autonomous, electric and connected vehicle data data services

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