Wejo Journey Intelligence

The definitive origin-to-destination report
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Taking the complexity out of big data journey analysis

Wejo Journey Intelligence aggregates unique journey data from millions of connected vehicles, translating billions of data points into easy-to-consume insights. Access journey volumes as well as valuable metrics including average speed and travel times spanning the whole of the US.

Journey Intelligence unlocks a deeper understanding of mobility trends enabling businesses to make better decisions, innovate and solve problems more effectively.

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Journey trend data supporting origin to destination analysis

Understanding travel and mobility patterns including the origin-destination for population mass movements is a complex issue, often requiring manual data collection and other time-consuming, costly and unreliable collection methods.

Journey Intelligence enables organizations of all kinds to gain a deeper understanding of vehicle movements supporting multiple use cases, whether that’s understanding journey trends across entire cities, at specific points of interest, or traveling via specific infrastructure or waypoints.

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Cities and DoTs

Determine which new facilities to prioritize and where to invest in public & multi-modal transport infrastructure

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Transportation planning

Better understand travel patterns between regions to determine most commonly used and high-volume commuter routes

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Logistics and fleets

Understand traveltimes on routes to improve delivery ETAs and ensure efficient usage of fleets

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Road operators and toll roads

Identify journeys that may be attracted to new or improved transport links, helping to improve prioritization and profitability

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Retail and entertainment

Compare and analyze locations for desired retail sites, improving the site selection process

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Bridges, tunnels and turnpikes

Better understand the demand on specific infrastructure to help determine, prioritize and schedule improvements to reduce impacts on congestion

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Key features

We provide like-minded public and private sector businesses with the data they need, on the scale and frequency that’s right for them. Our data pool will transform the way we live, work, and travel and enable us to work towards a future where travel is even more sustainable, safe, and smart.

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True connected vehicle data

Know and trust that Wejo data products are sourced from real connected vehicles, allowing high correlation with real journey trends

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Unparalleled coverage

Data is available covering zip codes across all US states, with vast amounts of historical data available

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Exclusive sources

You will be accessing data and unique insights unavailable from any other data provider

Why Wejo Journey Intelligence

  • Access big data without the need to process and analyze huge data volumes

  • It’s cost efficient, with no additional resources or hardware required

  • Powered by connected car data, it has increased accuracy and veracity compared to mobile data and other aftermarket data sources

  • Easily imported into MI tools, mapping platforms, and geographical information tools

By clicking submit you consent to sharing your data with Wejo for the purposes of contacting you regarding Wejo’s products and services
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