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We unlock the value in connected car data

We organise billions of data points from millions of connected cars, partnering with global automotive manufacturers to stream data at scale and speed. We transform and enhance big data, turning it into meaningful products that power innovations, drive efficiencies and innovate mobility.

Connected vehicle data is becoming prolific, as cars become more connected – both in sophistication and volume. This is creating an explosion of rich, reliable and accurate data. Wejo is already streaming huge volumes of data generated by connected cars to create new opportunities.

We bring together the brightest minds and industry experts with award-winning platform technology and advanced privacy and security to revolutionise the way we live, work and travel using connected car data, insights and analytics.

We stand for data for good

We partner with ethical, like-minded businesses and organisations who share our ambitions to revolutionise the way we live, work and travel by:

Creating value

Creating new revenue streams, driving business efficiencies and unlocking new opportunities for everyone

Improving safety

Identifying incident and congestion hotspots to make our roads safer for drivers, riders, passengers and communities

Enhancing sustainability

Making cities more liveable by improving traffic efficiency by predict and preventing build up and lowering emissions.

Increasing convenience

Creating a better personal transportation experience by helping drivers to find a parking spot more easily, making EV charging simpler and reducing commute times.

We unlock limitless possibilities

We collaborate closely with our automotive and public and private sector partners to develop connected car data services and products that meet partner needs.

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For automotive

We are trusted by global automotive manufacturers to utilise connected car data to drive efficiencies, improve the customer experience, generate new revenue streams and power consumer propositions.

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For business

We provide data and insights at flexible volume and frequency, focussed on driving behaviour or location data aligned to business goals.

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For public sector

Working directly, through approved partnerships or our Data Insight Partners, we make accessing and benefiting from connected vehicle data and insights straight forward and secure for public sector agencies.

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Volume, accuracy, speed and scale

Wejo has one of the largest data assets of authentic, high resolution, connected car data. This is objectively superior to mobile and static mobility data, offering significantly enhanced accuracy and quality:

  • Coverage of 95% of roads in USA

  • Transmitted every 1-3 seconds from the vehicles, 95% to customers in under 32 seconds

  • Accurate to within a 3-metre radius, the size of a typical car

  • 650,000 data points per second (peak)

Award-winning platform technology

Our cutting-edge data exchange platform, ADEPT, organises big data on a global scale. With ADEPT, we remove barriers by aggregating, normalising and enhancing the world’s connected car data in a single platform.

We are source agnostic and work with the world’s leading automotive manufacturers to standardise connected car data, provide ground-breaking insights and power innovative consumer propositions and experiences. Flexible access and usage methods - including integration with leading toolsets and open source technology - enable our partners to seamlessly benefit from ground-breaking data and insights.

The ADEPT platform has been designed from the ground up to handle all regulatory and compliance demands.

Connected car data services
connected car data

Privacy and security by design

We are drivers too, that’s why privacy and security are at the centre of Wejo. Our regulatory wrapper and privacy and security policies ensure that what’s private, stays private. Wejo holds several recognised security certifications and is audited by independent third-party organisations.

We champion consumers, working closely with automotive manufacturers to establish a clear value exchange and ensure society benefits from data sharing.

OUR Solutions

For automotive


Tools and capabilities to develop and manage flexible marketplace solutions

Data marketplace

A fully managed end-to-end data monetisation and exchange service

Neutral Server +

Enabling on-demand exchange of vehicle data to third parties and developers

BI & analytics

Gain insights into driver behaviours, vehicle usage and journeys

Wejo Retail Price Index

Rapid access to vehicle distribution and price movements

Our solutions

For the public sector
For business

We collaborate closely with our public and private sector partners to maximise the value in connected car data and insight to revolutionise data.

Our products

Driving events

Identify trends and patterns through key driving event data, including harsh braking, speeding and ignition on and off, along with the time and location of each event.

Movement data

Accurate vehicle location and movement data at unrivalled frequencies and with coverage across the US.

Insight products

Benefit from Wejo’s data science and analytics with a range of traffic, road and location intelligence products.

For the public sector>