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Beyond telematics

Connected fleets are commonplace on our roads today, yet many use aftermarket and retrofit devices, such as OBD dongles or standalone devices for fleet management, resulting in fragmented, lesser quality data that impacts fleet performance, control, and efficiency. Fleet management and leasing companies that don't go beyond standard telematics to improve the efficiency and performance of their fleets by using connected vehicle data risk losing out to the competition.

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Wide-ranging benefits

Organizations across the entire ecosystem use Wejo data; from fleet management platforms and multinational transport and logistics businesses to vehicle leasing providers. Connected vehicle data opens the door to a wide range of benefits from optimized routing to lower environmental impact, to enhanced driver safety to better asset management for optimal residual value.

Why Wejo?

We collaborate closely with our automotive, public and private sector partners to develop connected car data services and products that meet partner needs.

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Volume, accuracy, speed & scale

Wejo has one of the largest data assets of authentic, high resolution, connected car data. This is objectively superior to mobile and static mobility data, offering significantly enhanced accuracy and quality.

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Flexible integration

Flexible access and usage methods - including integration with leading toolsets and open source technology - enable our partners to seamlessly benefit from ground-breaking data and insights.

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Privacy and security by design

Our privacy and security policies ensure that what’s private, stays private. Wejo holds several recognized security certifications and is audited by independent third-party organizations.

Connected vehicle data and insights from multiple OEMs

By working with Wejo organizations are optimizing their fleet management and leasing operations in many ways:

Integrate connected vehicle data into fleet management platforms to provide accurate tracking and real-time intelligence on vehicle location, status, diagnostic issues, and vehicle trip history.

Access deeper insights
Uncover deep insights about driver safety and driving behavior from a broader range of vehicle sensors, including driver distraction, vehicle feature usage and control inputs. Proactively improve fleet and driver safety with holistic driver coaching.

Use live and historic traffic and road intelligence to optimize fleet-specific routing for logistics and delivery, reduce fuel usage and idling time.

Fraud prevention
Use connected vehicle data to identify fleet and leasing fraud, including vehicle misuse for personal journeys, fuel theft and unreported crashes or ownership transfer for leased vehicles.

Electric Vehicles
Support and accelerate the adoption of electric fleet vehicles, improve EV power consumption and distribute mixed fleets for optimum cost-efficiency.

Fixed asset value
Optimize fleet and leased asset residual value by proactively resolving vehicle diagnostic issues, optimizing consumable replacements, accurately modeling future mileage and usage, and predicting the ideal time to replace vehicle fleets.

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