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Smart mobility insights give you unique data to help you maximize efficiency, deliver impactful results, and build trust.
From planning and designing to building and maintenance – infrastructure is in the spotlight. Wejo gives you powerful insights so you can easily visualize data to reduce manual collection time and help you succeed in delivering results – on-time, and on-budget.  

Smart Mobility Solutions for Safer Roads

Watch Texas Department of Transportation, Texas A&M Transportation Institute and Esri to learn how you can improve roadway safety and access, how you can implement data-driven initiatives to reduce crashes and accidents and a case study in the Permian Basin region.

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Why Smart Infrastructure is Key to Reaching ‘Net Zero’

Building smart infrastructure, using reliable, accurate data sources, has the power to unlock huge efficiencies. Smart mobility insights can inform smart infrastructure and help in the mission to achieving net zero.

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Deliver impactful results & maximize efficiencies

Using reliable data on what’s happening on the roads can inform client recommendations - leading to improved performance of road networks and safer communities.

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Make smart recommendations that instill confidence in your clients and team – offering unbiased, cost-effective, and actionable insights to help overcome challenges.

Gain a competitive advantage

Adopt a new data source to uncover insights that is a step ahead of traditional methods. Easy to access and interpret,  mobility insights can power decisions in funding bids and within planning authorities.


Harness the power of smart mobility data and explore the latest funding opportunities with The Infrastructure Bill Resource Hub

“Traditional traffic studies look only at infrastructure and not the human component. Connected vehicle data changes that. It lets us see how humans are interacting with a given environment and make decisions based on that”
Dr. Xiao Li, Associate Transportation Researcher, TTI
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