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Smart mobility solutions give you unique insight to help you better understand traffic trends to ease congestion, increase safety and drive efficiencies.

The more you know about your communities, the better. Wejo gives you powerful insights so you can understand when, where and how your communities travel. Generate a positive community impact whilst meeting the needs of the economy and environment.

How Connected Vehicle Data Can Transform Public Sector Decision-Making

The ability to quickly access, understand, and leverage data in everyday decision-making is limited. Break down traditional barriers to understand how people live, work and travel with smart mobility insights.

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Smart Mobility Solutions for Safer Roads

Watch Texas Department of Transportation, Texas A&M Transportation Institute and Esri to learn how you can improve roadway safety and access, how you can implement data-driven initiatives to reduce crashes and accidents and a case study in the Permian Basin region.

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Ways we can help
Deliver effective traffic control measures

Discover a unique and precise view of traffic trends – including areas of high congestion and incidents that can inform mitigation strategies. Helping you better prioritize traffic easing efforts within your specific area, across seasons and times of day.

Advance safety and sustainability goals

Hit your environmental and sustainability goals - analyze vehicle and fuel type to assist in planning for an electric future. Help uncover how electric vehicles are traveling throughout your road network and inform where charging ports would be most impactful.

Drive operational efficiency & improve public perception

Reduce the time and cost associated with collecting data with direct access to real-time and historic insights. Automate traditional data collection methods whilst analyzing travel patterns in your community to better understand needs and prioritize areas for improvements.


Harness the power of smart mobility data and explore the latest funding opportunities with The Infrastructure Bill Resource Hub

“Traditional traffic studies look only at infrastructure and not the human component. Connected vehicle data changes that. It lets us see how humans are interacting with a given environment and make decisions based on that”
Dr. Xiao Li, Associate Transportation Researcher, TTI
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