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National roads, highways, arterial roads and public transport routes. They are all valuable assets, often with a design life of many years. But wear and tear, combined with adverse weather conditions and incidents, mean these roads start to degrade from the moment they're installed.

​Over time, this can lead to potholes and bumpy roads, which if left unchecked cause a danger to commuters and residents. Reactive maintenance such as patching and inlays, and even longer-term projects to resurface a corridor of road requires data.​​

But big questions remain - which roads should you focus on? Which are deteriorating the most? How fast are they deteriorating? Where are the worst potholes and bumps? How are they affecting road users? 

Road Health from Wejo can help you answer these questions, and more. ​

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Discover how Road Health from Wejo can transform road management and maintenance in your area.

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Why Road Health?

Support road asset management and maintenance schedules, with clear view of what needs to be prioritized.​


Detect road damages early and act when the cost to repair is still moderate.​


Identify anomalies such as higher road wear on certain locations in comparison to surrounding road segments.​


Get alerts for sudden damages to road infrastructure and identify road segments degenerating unusually fast.​​


Understand potholes, bumps and road rutting, location density and severity so you can prioritize maintenance work for your road asset management teams.

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