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Points of Interest

Determine relationship and insights from location and competitive intelligence studies around points of interest

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Points of Interest UI
Understand locations with connected vehicle insights

Gain a deeper understanding of specific points of interest by identifying where vehicles came from and where they went to help you understand places by their use and function, as well as by their postal address or location.

With multiple uses for both public and private insight studies, this tool is ideal for in-depth commuter journey mapping and insight studies, location trend analysis and competitor evaluation to support business planning.

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Why Journey Intelligence: Origin-Destination?
Data Accuracy

We only provide journey insights that are powered by connected car data. This means, you get increased accuracy and veracity compared to mobile data and other aftermarket data sources.

Speed of Visibility

Access big data without the need to process and analyse huge data volumes and visualize unique journey insights at a click of a button.

Boost operational efficiency

No additional hardware or resource is required when you have access to Journey insights from millions of connected vehicles. Put away those surveys and see journey trends and trip patterns in action.

Drive innovation

Know and trust that Wejo journey data is sourced from real connected vehicles, allowing high correlation with real journey trends. You will not find these insights from any other data provider.

Validate location-based use cases

Understand the underlying characteristics of commuters and their travel patterns to a point of interest to determine need for infrastructure, residential development, or commercial opportunities.

Data-driven investment decisions

Determine the number of commuters that could potentially make use of a new point of interest to help you prioritize investment decisions and validate capital infrastructure costs for public or commercial projects.

All your projects in one place

Whether it’s an ad-hoc inquiry of journey patterns for a given period, or a longer-term analysis project. You’ll have one points of interest study tool to access and organise all your reports.

"We can now carry out a months’ worth of analysis within 45 minutes, that previously would have taken 2-3 years, all using Wejo data”
Darcy Bullock, Director of the Joint Transportation Research Center at Purdue University
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