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wejo is creating the world’s leading connected car data marketplace, innovating with global brands to transform how the world moves.

Connected cars open up a world of opportunity to revolutionise the mobility experience, save lives and solve business challenges. Through ground-breaking data exchange solutions, wejo unlocks the value in connected cars for everyone.

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Data Exchange

Accelerate connected car data strategies

The unrelenting growth in connectivity is creating an explosion of car generated data that is increasing in both volume and sophistication. This data has huge value for drivers, auto manufacturers and many different kinds of businesses.  wejo ADEPT unlocks this value by removing barriers and simplifying the sharing of and access to car data.

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Drivers first

wejo obsesses about putting drivers and passengers first with built-in compliance and anonymisation frameworks, making sure that what’s private, stays private. wejo ADEPT enables consumers to benefit from sharing data through enhanced services and personalised experiences.

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New revenue streams

For auto manufacturers and smart mobility providers, wejo ADEPT provides access to a growing number of marketplaces for safely sharing connected car data and creating new revenue streams. Plus, intelligent insights provide a better understanding of how cars and components are used in the real world.

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Empowering businesses

wejo ADEPT's powerful insights and transformational data are designed to accelerate new propositions and business models across a wide range of marketplaces. wejo ADEPT offers simple and seamless access to rich connected car data through real-time data streams and advanced analytics.

Connected Voice

Going the extra mile to support drivers

Deliver the ultimate in customer care with wejo’s first-class voice service. Proactive First Notification of Loss (FNOL) and Accident Assistance solutions enhance driver experiences whilst providing the most-timely data and analytics to streamline existing business processes and reduce costs.

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Connected cars open up a world of opportunity to transform the driving experience, save lives and build customer loyalty. By blending simple, secure and trusted access to connected car data with voice-based driver services, wejo solutions carve out new, recurring revenue streams today and in the future.
Enabling smarter mobility

A trusted global partner for automotive brands

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