Creating the ultimate connected car value exchange

wejo enriches the driving experience and delivers intelligent insights to improve loyalty for car manufacturers, insurers and service providers

wejo consumer propositions

wejo propositions

Mobile, web & in-car apps, supported by a call centre based concierge service, that enrich the driving experience. Making mobility safer and more convenient, whilst saving time and money.

wejo ADEPT

wejo adept

wejo's Automotive Data Exchange Platform Technology is the first global big data exchange platform of its kind, providing a trusted and secure trading platform to unlock the value in the data.

Unlocking the value of driving data

wejo is reimagining the connected car and driving landscape. We pioneer by combining software solutions with data analytics to transform the driving experience and make connectivity insights more accessible.
wejo consumer propositions

For wejo, it always starts with the consumer. The willingness of consumers to share their data is pivotal to our success. That’s why we’ve focussed on creating a value exchange that enriches the driver experience, encouraging consumers to share their data.

As the motoring industry strides towards a connected car revolution, wejo helps businesses seamlessly segue into a connected future. Our Automotive Data Exchange Platform Technology, wejo ADEPT, provides insights that will help you to respond to the needs of your drivers.

wejo adept
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