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Wejo Labs is a powerful digital environment to explore, query, and analyze connected vehicle data. Run traffic and mobility studies at scale with accurate data collected from millions of connected vehicles across the US and EU. Whether you're a company with mobility needs or a researcher looking for new ways to solve transportation problems — you will be able to get new insights and drive innovation through the data in Wejo Labs.

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Save costs on infrastructure

Save costs on expensive infrastructure by using the readily available Wejo Labs platform, optimized for your research and design purposes.

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Onboard easily with full support from Wejo’s data science and customer service teams, and start creating PoCs (Proof of Concepts) with confidence and at speed.

Custom notebooks

Save time by using one of Wejo’s notebook technologies, optimized for running data queries on connected vehicle data to get accurate new insights.

Easily query and analyze:
Vehicle Movements

Find out which routes drivers are taking to get to specific locations and how many cars are on the road, pinpointed down to lane level.

Driving Events Select (US Only)

Work towards safer, smarter and more efficient trips by understanding driving events and where and when they happen.

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