What's private stays private

The benefits of sharing, accessing and using connected car data are clear - security and privacy are central to unlocking that value.

The highest security standards

Our specialist ADEPT technology is built by us, from the ground up. That way we know it’s compliant with all regulatory bodies such as GDPR in Europe and CCPA in California. We work to the highest of standards when it comes to keeping consumers’ data safe. We have discovered the right frameworks to keep data safe without impacting agility. The Wejo Regulatory Wrapper provides our partners with the confidence that our practices adhere to the required guidelines.

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November 2020

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Cyber Essentials

April 2020

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Data For Good

By operating different models for different services, we’re able to ensure the needs of our partners are met. We offer a variety of services and products for both vehicle manufacturers and like-minded drivers and public and private sector businesses.  We champion consumers which is why we ensure we create a clear value exchange with our partners. We align our actions with our brand values to improve convenience, sustainability and safety by partnering with ethical, like-minded businesses.

We take an active part in ensuring the people and businesses we collaborate with share our values. It’s important to us to know not only what we can offer them but also, what they can teach us.

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Our technology

Our specialist ADEPT platform was curated by us to ensure it’s reliable and compliant. The cloud-based platform removes the barriers of sharing connected car data and maximizes the value the data holds for vehicle manufacturers, drivers and public and private sector businesses.