Data For Good™ backed by defence in depth

At Wejo, one of our founding principles is always using Data For Good™. A key part of this, is that the connected vehicle data that we collect is never misused, and there’s a clear value exchange with our customers and partners.

The highest security standards

Data For Good™ also ensures consumer needs are championed, and that all our actions on data are aligned with our brand values to improve convenience, sustainability and safety.

We also recognize the power of the data we have been trusted with, and therefore recognize the responsibility that we have to guard this data against the most sophisticated of attacks.

Backing up our mission to use Data For Good™ is our defence in depth approach to security, which ensures that data is properly protected at all stages in its life-cycle by multiple world-class, adaptable security layers. 

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Wejo ADEPT™ cloud technology

Wejo ADEPT – our cloud platform - sets the highest standards in keeping consumers’ data safe. Built by us from the ground up, we know it’s compliant with all regulatory requirements such as GDPR in Europe and CCPA in California.

And with the addition of The Wejo Regulatory Wrapper, we can provide our customers and partners with the confidence that our practices adhere to any required guidelines on data protection and security.

Defence in depth for maximum data protection

As technology develops, so do new and emerging threats to that technology. Our multiple layers of security utilize sophisticated  and advanced  tooling,  together with  Artificial Intelligence  and  Machine  Learning  technology, so that our security layers can swiftly adapt and defend themselves against the most sophisticated of attacks.

All these layers are wrapped in a comprehensive and holistic approach to information security and risk governance,  via globally recognised frameworks and independently audited high standards. 

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