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Move goods more efficiently and deliver more packages on time by using connected vehicle data to fully understanding road conditions and traffic patterns when planning routes
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Making life better with on-time deliveries and less carbon waste

Wejo’s unique data, curated from millions of active connected vehicles and multiple motor manufacturers, lets logistics and delivery companies easily understand road conditions and traffic trends in near-real time. Stand out from competitors and get packages to customers in the shortest possible time by avoiding congestion and optimizing delivery routes.

Unlocking the value in connected vehicle data for Logistics and Delivery

Identify crash events and road incidents
Monitor road conditions in near real-time to reroute drivers around congested areas and avoid delivery delays.

Expand in-car delivery options

Confidently give customers more choice for contactless delivery and receiving packages on their own time.

Plan optimal pick-up and delivery routes
Use historical traffic data and consumer travel trends to inform intelligent route planning.

Improve driver safety
Identify areas of high incident rates and dangerous road conditions to optimize route-planning with driver safety front of mind.

Multi oem cars
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Multi-OEM data sources

Wejo has exclusive access to vehicle data curated from multiple global motor manufacturers’ makes and models across all US states. We make it easy to access millions of connected vehicle data points with one seamless integration.

Why Logistics and Delivery professionals choose Wejo

Boost operational efficiencies

Plan more cost-efficient routes informed by typical traffic patterns to ensure vehicles are operating at maximum efficiency.

  • Cut down on fuel costs by helping drivers avoid congestion with near real-time traffic data.

  • Understand historic traffic volumes with lane level accuracy to ensure intelligent route planning that can increase deliveries per driver.

  • Use Wejo’s data to predict traffic performance, allowing you to optimize routes ahead of high-volume seasons.

Gain valuable insight to mobility trends

Obtain connected vehicle data from millions of active vehicles, allowing you to easily understand trends across geographies and extract actionable insights.

  • Access coverage of 95% of roads in the USA with data transmitted every 1-3 seconds.

  • Simplify your data strategy by accessing standardized data from multiple vehicle makes and models, all through a single integration.

  • Filter data to the geographies of interest and quickly visualize both macro and granular level traffic trends across regions.

Improve customer satisfaction

Deliver goods faster and more efficiently while keeping shipping costs low.

  • Use intelligent routing to get customers packages faster and more efficiently.

  • Leverage real-time traffic monitoring to identify trouble on the roads and proactively reroute drivers and avoid delays.

  • Understand granular trends in driver journeys to roll out in-car delivery options and convenient POIs for package pick up.

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