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Make decisions based on incredibly accurate real-time aggregated insights

Real-Time Traffic Intelligence from Wejo provides an up-to-the-minute, holistic view of traffic conditions and safety incidents on your roads using intelligent, aggregated data derived from millions of connected vehicles. Access a detailed view of what’s happening there and now then, and make more informed decisions that have real world impact on road safety and congestion within your community.

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Why Real-Time Traffic Intelligence?
Speed of visibility

Explore, analyze and visualize easy-to-digest aggregated real-time traffic data to extract meaningful and actionable traffic congestion and road safety insights. Understand and respond to real road traffic and safety conditions quickly when you know exactly what is happening right now.

Ensure data accuracy and integrity

Proactively recommend safety improvements to road networks, identify urban traffic congestion patterns as they happen and make decisions based on incredibly accurate real-time intelligent aggregated data.

Boost operational efficiency

Eliminate the need for field devices like sensors and cameras, and reduce the time spent analyzing multiple traffic data sources to find answers, when you can get access to intelligent real-time aggregated data derived directly from connected vehicles.

Drive innovation

Use intelligent real-time aggregated data to beat congestion, proactively respond to road traffic accidents and keep your community moving.  Wejo is leading the way in Urban Smart Mobility by providing you access to real-time traffic analytics so you can reinforce the backbone of smart city infrastructure and technology.

Extensive road coverage

Coverage of 95% of roads in the US with location data accurate to within a 3-meter radius, the size of a typical car.

Ultra-low latency

Highly granular, ultra-low latency intelligent aggregated data related to traffic flow and traffic events.

Safety Warnings

Quick detection of changing traffic conditions and road safety events – to the minute. Use machine learning to automate and predict critical safety event detection.

“We are really just scratching the surface when it comes to what connected vehicle data can do to help us better understand what’s going on around our existing properties and evaluate the potential of new site locations”
Chris Myers, Senior Specialist, GIS & Research
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