Visualize Historic Traffic Patterns and trends in your area

Understand your current road network challenges and address future smart mobility goals by analyzing real-road conditions using historical traffic patterns and trends.
To address future urban mobility challenges, you must understand what came before. Derived from millions of connected vehicles, and with 95% coverage across US Road Infrastructure, Historic Traffic Patterns from Wejo provides you a window into the past so you can understand and visualize travel times, road speeds, vehicle volume density, as well as harsh braking, and rapid acceleration observations.


By identifying major mobility pain points from historical data, you can take a deeper look at real-road conditions, assess the impact of traffic calming measures, analyze the impact of road network changes, and improve traffic management in your communities.

Mapping & navigation

With access to historic traffic patterns and commuter behavior insights, you will be able to provide coverage-dense insights into where and how cars are moving across any interstate highway and freeway, through to arterial roads and local streets.


Make more informed decisions around optimum dispatch timing, what routes your haulage vehicles should take and avoid, allowing route planners, dispatchers, and program managers to accurately plan routes in advance.

Civil Engineering

Back those Infrastructure Bill funding conversations, with real-world insights. Help public agencies and departments see what’s truly happening on their roads and highways, so they can get the financial aid they need to make their communities more livable.

Commercial Real Estate

Site location traffic flow, travel patterns across busy roads and highways and an understanding of commuter vehicle volumes can provide insights to help you support conversation with clients wherever they are located.

Metrics you want

Segment based insights, average speeds, mean speeds, speed percentiles, speed limits, travel times and unique Wejo vehicle volumes.

Access Insights and Data

Minimize file/transfer sizes and get answers quickly, using parameters such as; by date range, time range, time window, sample size and confidence values.

Extensive Road Coverage

With comprehensive coverage of U.S. roads and highways, you’ll no longer be limited to where cameras, sensors or other traditional methods of data collection are located.

Why Historic Traffic Patterns
Understand traffic behaviour

Access accurate historic traffic insights that enable you to understand directional traffic volumes, traffic flows, average speeds and congestion.

Better predictions

Visualize road conditions and traffic performance to better predict driving behavior across the road network.

Easy to access

Anyone with minimal technical ability can create and distribute valuable insights with little training required.


We provide 95% coverage of the US Road Infrastructure, which means you can gather statistics from almost any interstate highway and freeway, through to arterial roads and local streets.

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