Revolutionize your Geospatial and Location Intelligence with Connected Car Data

Set yourself apart from competitors by using high-volume connected vehicle data to bring customers the most accurate location-based information, going beyond traditional data sources
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Understanding how we move to make the world a better place to live

Wejo analyzes data from more than 10 million active connected vehicles to provide coverage-dense insights into where and how cars are moving out on the roads. Geospatial analytics and location intelligence providers can access both broad and granular traffic trends to better map and understand consumer behaviors around specific POIs and enable informed business decisions.

Unlocking the value in connected vehicle data for Location-Based Service Providers

Evaluate new site locations
Give users insight into customer demographics and behavior patterns around a given POI to determine its potential.

Understand origin to destination data
Cut out the noise from other data sources to understand if vehicles are setting out specifically to visit a given POI.

Trusted by the largest GIS platform, ESRI
Utilize connected vehicle data alongside existing data sources in the ESRI ArcGIS platform.

Unique spatial analysis
Understand the relationship between connected vehicle data and physical locations.

Why Location-Based Service Providers choose Wejo

Unique insight into consumer behavior

High-volume connected vehicle data provides distinct trends that cannot be evaluated through other sources.

  • Data captured from billions of connected vehicle journeys from across the US.

  • Wejo accesses 650,000 data points per second across a fleet of vehicles that each have 90+ sensors.

  • Wejo has exclusive data partnerships with world leading OEMs.

Eased regulatory burden

Data is secure and compliant with necessary regulations.

  • Adheres to all regulatory guidelines and requirements, ensuring data privacy.

  • Privacy policies, recognized by third-party security certifications, ensure what’s private, stays private.

  • Data collected from in-car sensors is fully anonymized.

Flexible integration

Connected vehicle data can be easily integrated with other sources and deployed however best fits your needs.

  • Simple to ingest data that can integrate with existing sources.

  • Flexible transfer methods mean data can be streamed directly to your cloud or API.

  • Seamlessly access connected vehicle data through ArcGIS.

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