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Help your customers build a more complete and intelligent mobility picture to reduce congestion and transform travel, all using unique connected vehicle data points
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Reducing traffic and congestion through smart travel solutions

Wejo’s unique data, curated from multiple manufacturers with millions of active connected vehicles, lets traffic solution providers build more complete models of road conditions and travel trends. Outpace competitors by bringing users more insight, maximize profitability, and make travel more efficient and enjoyable for everyone.

Unlocking the value in connected vehicle data for Traffic Solution Providers

Assist in traffic infrastructure improvements
Package and sell rich insights that help cities and states develop solutions to congestion challenges.

Provide new alerting propositions
Near real-time connected vehicle data can indicate everything from car accidents to potholes, enabling you to offer more intelligent customer experiences.

Help avoid traffic jams
Use predictive incident data and traffic insights to help users better understand and avoid travel delays.

Differentiate from competitors
Improve your product with unique data points that go beyond traditional mobility data sources.

Multi oem cars
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Multi-OEM data sources

Wejo has exclusive access to vehicle data curated from multiple global motor manufacturers’ makes and models across all US states. We make it easy to access millions of connected vehicle data points with one seamless integration.

Why Traffic Solution Providers choose Wejo

Unique insight into consumer behavior

High-volume connected vehicle data provides distinct trends that cannot be evaluated through other sources.

  • Data captured from billions of connected vehicle journeys from across the US.

  • Unique sensors give insight to weather, road conditions and safety attributes.

  • Access to data curated from multiple manufacuturers' makes and models providing a wider spread of density and demographics.

Maximize profitability

Create new revenue opportunities while keeping data acquisition cost low.

  • Flexible filtering options let you define the volume and regularity of data to optimize costs.

  • Curated, clean and standardized data lets you reap the maximum value from day one.

Flexible integration

Connected vehicle data can be easily integrated with other sources and deployed however best fits your need.

  • Simple to ingest data that can integrate with existing sources.

  • Flexible transfer methods mean data can be streamed directly to your cloud or API.

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