Connecting Telematics Service Providers with OEM data

Unlock the future of fleet management and enrich your platform solutions with highly accurate data from connected vehicles.

Your customers expect you to provide efficient fleet management solutions that keep vehicles and their drivers safe on the road.

With Wejo you are empowered to improve your fleet solutions through the availability of data attributes that can’t be obtained from other sources.

Set yourself apart from your competitors and drive innovation with connected vehicle data straight from OEMs, easily obtained through one API.


• Enhance and augment your (platform) solutions to better support customers in maximising fleet uptime

• Improve availability, security, and reliability of fleet data

• Reduce the cost and complexity of obtaining data from OEMs

• Eliminate the arduous process of purchasing, installing, and maintaining third party hardware

• Improve competitive advantage by offering customers VIN-specific OEM-grade data and data attributes that competitors are unable to provide

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