Mapping Data: Driving Innovation in Navigation with Wejo

Use connected vehicle data to get a real-time picture of what is happening on the roads to get drivers and passengers to their destinations safely and more efficiently
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Driving innovation in mapping as we navigate toward the future

Wejo has exclusive data partnerships with world-leading OEMs to give you exclusive access to real-time connected vehicle data that provides unique insight into traffic trends. Get an unparalleled view into how vehicles are using the roads, incident hotspots, and which routes drivers should take to arrive at their destination safely and on time.

Unlocking the value in connected car data for Mapping and Navigation Providers

Direct drivers around crash events and bad road conditions
Get a real-time view into what is happening on the roads to help drivers avoid dangerous routes and long delays.

Improve navigation software with historic journey data
Build your navigation system by analyzing the travel patterns of millions of vehicles, considering traffic and safety trends.

Be the best in-car assistant
Identify convenient pit stops and parking options to make for stress-free journeys.

Why Mapping and Navigation Providers choose Wejo

Data integrity

Build maps and navigation engines on accurate, reliable data.

  • Wejo harnesses data from a supply base of millions of live vehicles across the US, accessing a peak number of 650,000 data points per second.

  • Highly granular data captured in 3 seconds or less for precise detail.

  • Location data is 95% accurate to within a 3-meter radius and available within 30 seconds.

Real-time updates

Ingest the freshest information on traffic and infrastructure to best guide drivers.

  • Near real-time traffic monitoring and historic data from billions of connected vehicle journeys provides unparalleled insight into the most efficient routes.

  • Granular view of roads with 95% of coverage in the US, from rural roads down to major networks.

  • Lane-level accuracy, including  directional heading data to help you understand which lane incidents are occurring.

Flexible integration

Connected vehicle data can enhance and work alongside other data sources.

  • Simple to ingest data that can integrate with existing sources.

  • Flexible transfer methods mean data can be streamed directly to your cloud or API.

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