Connected vehicle data for Car sharing & rental

Car  Rental Data Solutions - Enhancing Car Sharing and Rental Services with Wejo

Car rental is evolving rapidly

Customer expectations are growing, rental vehicles are more feature rich, and traditional business models are under significant threat. The emergence of innovative ride sharing and car sharing propositions, including peer-to-peer sharing and marketplaces, is leading to even greater competition and challenges.

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How connected vehicle data help

Connected vehicles are key to opening significant opportunities for car sharing and rental organizations. Wejo use Connected Vehicle Data to provide more superior insights than aftermarket and retrofit devices and will unlock the ability for car rental and car sharing organizations to innovate and optimize their operations.

Why Wejo?

We collaborate closely with our automotive, public and private sector partners to develop connected car data services and products that meet partner needs.

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Volume, accuracy, speed & scale

Wejo has one of the largest data assets of authentic, high resolution, connected car data. This is objectively superior to mobile and static mobility data, offering significantly enhanced accuracy and quality.

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Flexible integration

Flexible access and usage methods - including integration with leading toolsets and open source technology - enable our partners to seamlessly benefit from ground-breaking data and insights.

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Privacy and security by design

Our privacy and security policies ensure that what’s private, stays private. Wejo holds several recognized security certifications and is audited by independent third-party organizations.

Consistent and simple data from fleets of connected vehicles

Wejo enables a wide range of use cases, including:

Use accurate, real-time intelligence on vehicle location and trip history to understand usage patterns and journey profiles to plan rental fleet mix, pricing by location, and protect against potential fraud and vehicle theft.

Enable more flexible collection and drop off processes, with accurate tracking and enhanced features such as remote unlock and vehicle condition display in mobile apps.

Health and diagnostics
Understand vehicle health and diagnostic issues, to better support customers during a rental period, proactively resolve issues before collection and automate vehicle checks after drop-off.

Fixed asset value
Maximize rental fleet asset residual value by proactively optimizing repairs and replacing consumables, and accurately model future mileage and usage to predict the ideal time to sell.

New pricing model
Inform alternative pricing models, based on accurate mileage and usage to offer discounts for safe and responsible driving and, build ongoing customer loyalty.

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