Pioneers in connected car data exchange

wejo are creating the industry-leading car data marketplace, and innovating with global brands to reimagine driver experiences and deliver brilliant insights that transform how the world moves.






wejo pioneers the exchange of connected car data

We’re creating the industry-leading car data marketplace, and innovating with global brands to reimagine driver experiences and deliver brilliant insights that transform how the world moves.

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The wejo mission

To make connected car data accessible

As cars become increasingly connected with a growing number of sensors, a massive amount of data is generated. This data has huge value for businesses of all kinds, yet today remains largely untapped because accessing, storing, processing and understanding connected car data is extremely challenging.

Since 2014, wejo have been building unparalleled technology and concierge services, enabling businesses to be part of the connected car revolution. To innovate, to disrupt, to understand. To transform the way people use their cars, and to make driving more rewarding and safer for us all.

The team

Board of Directors

Richard Barlow

Founder & CEO

Richard is a serial entrepreneur and veteran in data exchange, having founded fintech trading platform and claims management company LeadX, a Rocket Internet seeded investment, and having held various senior management positions.

Tim Lee


As a former General Motors Executive Vice President, Global Manufacturing, and Chairman of General Motors China, Tim has an invaluable history of working in the OEM industry that will inform his position as wejo’s Chairman.

Diarmid Ogilvy

Executive Vice Chairman

Diarmid initially joined the Board as a seed investor, bringing with him more than 20 years’ investment experience in the private and public financial markets, providing strategic, financial and investment advice to SMEs.

Mike Bell

Non-Executive Director

Mike is one of the early pioneers of connected vehicles in Europe, having previously held the position of Global Connected Car Director at Jaguar Land Rover. He has more than 20 years executive experience in business transformation, technology leadership and global delivery.

Mark Winlow

Non-Executive Director

Mark is an accomplished UK financial regulator approved Non-Executive Director and Audit Committee Member, with specialist knowledge and experience of the insurance sector. He is also Chairman of Ageas Insurance.

Barry Nightingale

Chief Financial Officer

An experienced CFO in mid-cap companies, Barry has decades of experience in fast tech, including Betfred, and Push Doctor. Barry has led numerous acquisitions including the Carland purchase from General Motors.

The team


Steve Pimblett

Chief Operations Officer

Steve is a proven C-Level executive with a background in data engineering and analytics. He has previously held the position of Chief Data Officer at Bettson, as well as General Manager of Data for Moneysupermarket.

Sarah Larner

Commercial Director

Sarah has 20 years’ experience in the insurance and financial services market, including five years managing motor insurance partnerships and data products at Moneysupermarket. Her focus is product development and execution within data and telematics.

Bret Scott

VP of Partnerships

Bret has more than three decades’ experience in the automotive industry, starting out in advanced infotainment and telematics hardware at General Motors, before heading up vehicle integration at VW and helping launch connected services with FCA.

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