Maintain safer roads this winter

With Winter Road Insights from Wejo

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Winter is coming – are you ready?

Don’t get left in the cold this winter with a backlog of urgent requests and emergency repairs causing road closures, delayed emergency responses and potentially fatal accidents.

With Winter Road Insights from Wejo – and powered by Nira Dynamics – you can access the insights you need to treat your road network effectively and make crucial decisions, quicker this winter.​

Dealing with severe winter weather conditions is a challenge.  But with access to road temperature data, slippery alerts, and live network status updates, you can be prepared to take action when it matters most.​

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Discover how Winter Road Insights can transform your decision making this winter, and help maintain safer roads in your community.

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Live Network Status: Live view of the network allows you to see what is going on in your selected area, what needs to be done where, monitor and identify friction deviations in real time, and optimize salt usage.


KPI & Historic Evaluation: Review KPI’s and look back at winter events to understand true performance evaluation of winter maintenance activities and road safety.


Slippery Alert: Understand when the road surface is slippery so you can take action in exact locations.


Follow-up review: Uncover how well road maintenance activity is performing.​


WRI Alert services: Receive alerts via text or email with an update as soon as a region is slippery - useful when weather forecasts are incorrect or unpredictable.​


Real time information: Access insights into road condition (dry, wet, etc), grip, air temperature & road surface temperature (coming soon)​

Why Winter Road Insights?

Monitor your roads and highways to understand their current conditions


Enable you to take preventative action on potentially dangerous roads


Ensure roads remain open when winter storms hit


Prioritize snow removal contractors and winter surface treatment


Report on the effectiveness of your winter road maintenance plans

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