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Smart mobility data gives you unique insights to help you gain deeper knowledge about real-world journey trends, so you can improve the efficiency and scale of research and reduce resource cost.

Instead of traditional slow and costly data gathering methods, you can now access traffic and congestion trends quicker and more cost-effectively with Wejo’s connected vehicle data. That way, you can conduct academic research with higher accuracy and efficiency, without the typical cost and resource implications.

Purdue University & Indiana DOT use connected vehicle data to improve work zone safety

Learn how Purdue University <LINK TO CUSTOMER STORY> is using connected vehicle data to understand what’s happening on the road and improve safety and mitigate accidents around work zones in Indiana.

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Plan mobility & urban  infrastructure projects

With improved understanding of populated areas and mobility infrastructure, you can find optimal locations for infrastructure improvement.

Access highly granular & accurate insights

Drill into a previously inaccessible source of data, and access reliable insights about live and historic traffic conditions without spending significant time on gathering data manually.

Get funding & win high-value projects

Supercharge your applications and proposals with smart mobility insights, so you can win funding for research through grants, R&D departments and councils, and partner with authorities in innovation projects.

“Wejo’s smart mobility data offers unparalleled coverage of the US while delivering the granularity that we need to evolve our solutions and deliver our clients the most value.”
Kiel Ova, TTS
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