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Real estate is a competitive market and those who recognise the best opportunities first will often see the best returns.

With Wejo’s smart mobility products, tools and solutions, you can say goodbye to manual processes and disparate data sources, and hello to real-time and historic traffic insights that will keep you one step ahead of the competition.

As well as helping you to identify new investment and growth opportunities, smart mobility insights will enable you to more accurately measure site performance and manage risk, without wasting time collecting data manually.

Outpace competitors with smart mobility insights

Real estate businesses face a fiercely competitive market with an increase in new entrants alongside demand from investors for more data-driven analysis of risk and reward. Discover how smart mobility insights can transform your business.

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What our insights can do for you
Identify new business opportunities

Evaluate traffic patterns around points of interest or open land to determine locations for growth, including where your customers are going before or after they pass your locations.

Better understand and predict trends

Manage risks of your existing opportunities with data insights, including increases and decreases of daily vehicle counts to determine investments.

Invest based on accurate travel patterns

Use historic journey data from millions of vehicles to predict travel patterns, before you invest and model scenarios for future opportunities.

Beat competitors by spotting growth opportunities

Stay ahead of other in your industry, with unique data analytics, that is easily visualized, increasing the trust within your team and organization.

"While DOT counts are the industry standard, they are limited. I’d argue connected vehicle data is more beneficial and meaningful because it solves the two downfalls of DOT data: managing study periods and specifying locations."
Chris Myers, Senior Specialist, GIS & Research
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