Connected vehicle data for Integrated Payments

Connected  Car Payments with Wejo. Simplifying Transactions for Drivers

Automated payment solutions

From parking to fuel and EV charging, to toll roads and takeout food and drink, these all contribute to additional costs and often lead to inconvenience or poor experiences for drivers.  Connected vehicles provide the ideal platform to transform how drivers consume and use these services.

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How connected vehicle data can help

The future of mobility continues to evolve rapidly, and integrated vehicle payments will play a key role in shaping the driver and owner experience.

By integrating and automating the purchase and payments of services using connectivity and vehicle data, drivers will benefit from simplified and convenient experiences, increasing customer usage and engagement for service providers and enabling innovative, beneficial charging models.  

Why Wejo?

We collaborate closely with our automotive, public and private sector partners to develop connected car data services and products that meet partner needs.

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Volume, accuracy, speed & scale

Wejo has one of the largest data assets of authentic, high resolution, connected car data. This is objectively superior to mobile and static mobility data, offering significantly enhanced accuracy and quality.

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Flexible integration

Flexible access and usage methods - including integration with leading toolsets and open source technology - enable our partners to seamlessly benefit from ground-breaking data and insights.

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Privacy and security by design

Our privacy and security policies ensure that what’s private, stays private. Wejo holds several recognized security certifications and is audited by independent third-party organizations.

The benefits of using Connected Vehicle Data

Wejo is at the forefront of the connected vehicle revolution, working with a range of service providers to enhance their customer experience and optimize their offerings and processes, through use cases such as:

Automated parking payments
Identify and understand events, such as accurate entry and departure times for car parking usage, to automate 3rd party payments.

Automated tolls
Analyze accurate road usage to support the deployment of congestion or low emission zones in cities and urban areas, and automate payments for these using 3rd party providers or integrated payment services.  

Integrated wallet
Provide in-vehicle payment wallets for parking, fuel, EV charging and on-demand vehicle services, enhancing convenience for drivers while ensuring accurate payments for services offered.

Automotive retail
Offer In-vehicle retail and drive-through food and drink payments, ensuring optimal service times and efficiencies.

In-vehicle subscription
Drive the adoption of in-vehicle content and features on demand, with automated subscription payments from the integrated wallet.

Underpin future dynamic road pricing initiatives, including the use of tiered pricing based on time, occupancy, vehicle type, emissions and more.

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