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Wejo ADEPT™ is a secure, compliant and flexible platform for processing and analyzing autonomous, electric and connected vehicle data.

High performance
Flexible Integration
Future Proof

The automotive data exchange


Wejo ADEPT™ cloud technology

Wejo ADEPT™ is a high-volume data processing and analytics platform that makes sharing and accessing huge volumes of autonomous, electric and connected vehicle data simple. It removes all of the barriers and maximizes the intrinsic value in car data for drivers, automotive manufacturers and businesses of all kinds.

Trusted by global automotive brands
What's private, stays private

With Wejo ADEPT’s built-in consent and anonymization framework, privacy is at the very heart of our platform. Automotive manufacturers and drivers can be sure that only data that is allowed to be shared, is shared, and what is private, stays private.

Globally compliant

Navigating the increasingly complex rules surrounding privacy and compliance is difficult. As a trusted and neutral independent, Wejo facilitates the most effective exchange of data whilst taking care of all regulatory compliance across multiple jurisdictions.

Secure by design

Wejo employs state-of-the-art security and encryption, both at rest and in transit, to protect drivers’ data. Wejo uses a wide range of anonymization, pseudonymization and tokenization to further ensure first-class security at all times.

Usable data, always

Wejo ADEPT enables data consumers to focus on growing their business and launching innovative solutions, not worrying about data quality. Wejo expertly curates, cleanses and standardizes raw vehicle data, so that any marketplace can reap the maximum value from day one.

Data with added meaning

Wejo ADEPT adds context and enriches raw data, including through third-party sources and existing data assets, to deliver added meaning and insight. Cutting-edge, intelligent analytics and bespoke data science packages drive even greater value for smarter decision making.

Knowledge is power

Wejo knows how essential it is that businesses have full visibility of the data that is being shared and how it is being used. Integrated auditing, billing and contract management, combined with timely and comprehensive reports, are a cornerstone of our platform.

Common data model

Our common data model is a consistent data format that all vehicle movement data can be transformed to match, making the data easier to use and improving its quality. Allowing us to run the same checks on data from any source, reduce processing overheads by ignoring irrelevant attributes and combining source data with few and many features, the CDM is one of the ways we ensure our data and insights are of the highest quality.

Wejo insight model

Advanced analysis, machine learning and rapid insights are all key advantages of our insights model. The model allows us to filter down data rapidly to geographies and time periods of interest, lowering the overall records resulting in faster processing. We uniquely code vehicles, journeys, roads and places of interest for complete clarity and the consistency improves the utility and performance of the data.

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