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When it comes to connected vehicle data, no company has as much experience as Wejo.

Not only have we shaped the industry since its inception, but we are also continuing to provide unprecedented value to companies worldwide.   This is your chance to work directly with the subject matter experts that have successfully worked to implement connected vehicle data in organizations across the globe.  

With years of experience, our Consultancy team is here for you to add knowledge to your projects, show you the route forward, and drive long-lasting success.  

Helping you leverage the connected vehicle data opportunity

Connected vehicle data is rich in attributes and problems that it can solve, but it also comes with challenges, from data management and monitoring to providing key insights. Wejo's Consultancy Services allow you to make the most of your own data or from Wejo's curated data sets.

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Our Consultancy Services include:
Discovery workshops

Connected vehicle data offers great opportunities, and we help you identify them correctly. Working collaboratively with your team, we research and identify solutions for your specific problem or needs.

Data privacy and quality assessment

Enabling you to obtain the best value from your connected vehicle data, we evaluate your data's privacy and quality and make recommendations for improvement.

Integration and configuration support

Recognizing that no IT infrastructure or software solution is the same, we aid with integrating different systems and data streams and configure them to work together.

Custom data insights

Supporting your business objectives, we create tailored reports and analyses based on specific data sets and requirements.

PoC development

We develop, deliver and support Proof of Concept solutions to demonstrate the feasibility and benefits of connected vehicle data for your organization.

“We are really just scratching the surface when it comes to what connected vehicle data can do to help us better understand what’s going on around our existing properties and evaluate the potential of new site locations”
Chris Myers, Senior Specialist, GIS & Research
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The benefits:
Collaborate with data experts focused on your success

Access all the benefits from Wejo’s connected vehicle data without having to invest in training or infrastructure upfront. We care as much as you about your success and provide you with the support you need.

Utilize Wejo’s vast expertise in connected vehicle data

Tap into the extensive knowledge and experience of the Wejo Consultancy team. We know how to handle huge volumes of connected car data and our award-winning technology delivers unparalleled connected vehicle insights.

Make informed decisions to drive profits

Understand your opportunities for growth by accessing detailed data Insight reports. Identify where to invest, exit, or divest, to drive profits.

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