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Getting the right message to the right people, at the right time

Wejo uses data from billions of connected vehicle journeys to help you easily visualize trends in consumer behavior unique to travel. Enrich your existing data set with unique connected vehicle data to improve geodemographic analysis and grow campaign impact.

Unlocking the value in connected vehicle data for Media and Advertising professionals

Informed billboard placement
Analyze historic traffic and demographic trends to determine locations that will be most impactful for roadside ads.

Intelligent scenario modeling
Use data and insights from millions of connected vehicle journeys to test location scenarios and build predictive models before investing in campaigns.

Deliver more meaningful content
Understand behavior trends of your target audience and serve up relevant content based on where they are now, and where they are likely headed.

Measure impact of campaigns and content
Evaluate campaign and content performance by analyzing trends in consumer behaviors.

Multi oem cars
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Multi-OEM data sources

Wejo has exclusive access to vehicle data curated from multiple global motor manufacturers’ makes and models across all US states. We make it easy to access millions of connected vehicle data points with one seamless integration.

Why Media and Advertising professionals choose Wejo

Unique geodemographic data

Understand your target audience like never before with unique connected vehicle data.

  • Unique sensors give insights that are not accessible through traditional mobility data sources.

  • Coverage of 95% of roads in USA with location data accurate to within a 3-meter radius, the size of a typical car.

  • Access to data curated from multiple manufacuturer makes and models providing a wider spread of density and demographics.

Protected PII

Dive into broad consumer trends while maintaining compliance and keeping privacy top of mind.

  • Data collected from in-car sensors is fully anonymized.

  • Adheres to all regulatory guidelines and requirements, ensuring data privacy.

  • State-of-the-art security and encryption, both at rest and in transit, to protect drivers’ data.

Low-latency, accurate information

Rich data, in big volumes to uplift and positively impact audience targeting and campaign effectiveness.

  • Understand consumer behaviors powered by trillions of data points and millions of active vehicles.

  • Large volumes of real-time data yield improved accuracy and veracity. Wejo datasets provide adequate sample sizes, so you can be confident that you’re making informed decisions.

  • Highly granular data captured in 3 seconds or less for precise detail.

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