Smart mobility insights to maximize the Infrastructure Bill

Build more liveable communities by unlocking mobility intelligence to make data-driven decisions

Start winning more bids

Enabling public agencies to utilize behavioral-based mobility trends to improve road safety, ease congestion and build a community that is fit for the future.
Connected vehicle data provides real-time traffic insights which unlocks innovative solutions to reduce congestion, enhance safety, improve air quality, and preserve the value of transportation assets for years to come.

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill: How you can win more bids

How do you maximize this opportunity to generate additional funding for communities whilst also applying for competitive grants? Use insights to better understand how the public is using infrastructure, uncovering opportunities for improvements, and winning more bids.

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Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill: How to win more bids

Smart mobility solutions have been helping governments across the country better understand how the public is using infrastructure today, uncovering opportunities for improvements, measuring the impact of projects and win more bids.

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Ways we can help
Reduce fatalities and improve safety for all

Demonstrate your commitment to community safety with a data-driven safety enforcement program, and make travel safer for drivers, passengers, and pedestrians.

Design infrastructure and smart cities with resilience front of mind

Manage disaster recovery and implement evacuation plans with a good understanding of how people move. Know where to direct traffic, what roads to navigate and where gridlocks could occur.

electric vehicle
Drive the EV revolution with data-driven electric vehicle infrastructure  

Pave the way for critical infrastructure to be implemented by providing vital driving data and commuter analysis. Enable the adoption of EVs to increase emission-free transportation.

Modernize public infrastructure and reduce congestion  

Reduce congestion, lower accident and fatality rates, and improve economic and environmental impact by using accurate and reliable mobility insights. Build a greener, smarter, and safer future.

“Traditional traffic studies look only at infrastructure and not the human component. Connected vehicle data changes that. It lets us see how humans are interacting with a given environment and make decisions based on that”
Dr. Xiao Li, Associate Transportation Researcher, TTI
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