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The way we travel is changing. We’re living in a world that’s hyper-connected and our cars are becoming increasingly more connected too. Connected car data can offer you valuable insights to help transform your business and shape your future.

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Connected car data

Connected car data is accurate, authentic and most importantly, useful. The data comes from actual vehicles on the road, giving you unrivalled insights into driver needs and behaviours. We partner with leading vehicle manufacturers to harness the power that this data holds and make accessing it simple.

For private and public sector businesses, the benefits of connected car data are huge. From locating traffic hotspots, to finding out where there are safety risks, to gaining insight into driver patterns and trends. As the data that connected cars generate continues to grow, this untapped market will disrupt the world as we know it. Get ahead of the curve and integrate connected car data into your strategy today.


Key features

We provide like-minded public and private sector businesses the data they need, on the scale and frequency that’s right for them. Our data pool will transform the way we live, work and travel and enable us to work towards a future where travel is even more sustainable, safe and smart.

Lane-level precision

Location data 95% accurate to within a 3-metre radius, the size of a typical car

Premium quality

Verified for quality prior to delivery to ensure consistently trustworthy, complete and high-grade data

Flexible transfer methods

Data streamed directly to your cloud or API

High definition

Highly granular data captured in 3 seconds or less for precise detail

Your data, your way

Define the volume and regularity of data you receive with flexible filtering options


Vehicle movements

Understand in real-time where cars are travelling. Our movement data provides you with location and journey information for vehicles. Find out which routes drivers are taking to get to specific locations and how many cars are on the road, pinpointed down to lane level.

Better understand driver behaviour as well as identifying how certain roads are performing, enabling you to make decisions in near real time.

From local authorities managing congestion levels to private sector businesses planning logistics for a local event, vehicle movement data gives you the insights you need.


Our partner wanted to accurately analyse normal congestion levels and identify any anomalies that impacted traffic volume. They wanted to compare congestion on a normal day to that on a day with adverse weather conditions to better inform decision making.

Using historical traffic data, we created an accurate model that predicts travel states, including congestion and up to half hourly distributions of traffic speed.

Our partner wanted to understand vehicle movements before, during and after a major event to allow them to better plan for future events. Our vehicle movement data educated the client on the volume of traffic before, during and after the event as well as the preferred routes in and out of the city, data which would form decision making for future events.


Driving events

Work towards safer and smarter driving by understanding driving events and where they happen. Our event data gives you insights into driver behaviours throughout their journey. Discover where harsh braking or speeding occurs and understand the elements that can alter a driver's decision making and behaviour.

Pinpoint the exact moment and location a journey comes to an end allowing you to understand exactly when drivers are making specific journeys, assisting your business and marketing strategy by understanding driver demand.


We analysed the movement of vehicles for our partner so they could understand the volume of arrivals per hour and per minute, peak times and parking space performance. Our ignition off event data allowed us to pinpoint the exact moment that a journey came to an end.

Our accurate data meant that our partner was able to discover when their parking spaces were in high demand and establish a peak time. This information informed their future marketing and pricing plans. .

Create one-to-one personalised driver propositions by launching new apps or enhancing existing ones, depending on their needs. Our On demand data enables you to add dynamic and driver-centric features in mobile and web apps, while gaining consent directly from the drivers ensures you maintain maximum transparency and security.  Help drivers to prevent and detect theft, offer an overview of the vehicle status or alert drivers when their vehicle needs refuelling or charging.


Insight products

Traffic, road and journey intelligence

  • Easily benefit from Wejo’s data science and analytics capability

  • Custom products to solve difficult challenges

  • Flexible delivery and integration methods


Wejo Custom Insight Reports

Wejo’s custom reports are powered by connected car data, providing you with the insights you need on traffic volumes and speeds, visitor statistics, intersection trends, and location-based harsh braking and speeding.

Choose from one of five pre-built reports, customising your location and the frequency you receive the report.

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