Enabling Retail and Hospitality professionals to enhance customer experiences

Increase customer loyalty and grow sales by using connected vehicle data to gain deeper insights into consumer trends, from site accessibility to location-based promotions
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Making the world a more hospitable place with smarter mobility data

Wejo provides accurate and unbiased unique journey data, curated from millions of connected cars, to help retailers and hospitality professionals better understand their customers’ needs. Go beyond traditional mobility data sources to uncover new opportunities to increase customer loyalty and create more enjoyable customer experiences.

Unlocking the value in connected car data for Retail and Hospitality professionals

Identify accessible site locations
Get insight into historic traffic trends to best evaluate potential new locations, avoiding hard to reach areas or those vulnerable to congestion.

Improve the parking experience
Make parking safer and more customer-friendly by using incident analysis to design better layouts and determine real-time availability of spots.

Better understand, and optimize store traffic
Analyze in-and-out mobility by gaining deeper, more accurate insight into vehicle travel patterns around retail and hospitality locations.

Enhance location-based ad targeting
Get in front of your target audiences when your message is most relevant to optimize reach, sales and loyalty.

Multi oem cars
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Multi-OEM data sources

Wejo has exclusive access to vehicle data curated from multiple global motor manufacturers’ makes and models across all US states. We make it easy to access millions of connected vehicle data points with one seamless integration.

Why Retail and Hospitality professionals choose Wejo

Access to unique insights

High-volume connected vehicle data provides distinct trends that cannot be evaluated through other sources.

  • Highly granular data captured in 3 seconds or less for precise detail.

  • Unique sensors give insight to weather, road conditions and safety attributes.

  • Access to data curated from multiple manufacuturer makes and models providing a wider spread of density and demographics.

Easy to integrate

A simple integration unlocks access to data from major automotive brands, all in one place.

  • Gain insights into your target demographic in key locations.

  • Benefit from data across multiple makes and models, tailored to suit your needs.

  • Flexible data integrations to work with your in-house capabilities and existing data sources.

Improve customer satisfaction

Build a better experience for customers by more deeply understanding behavior trends to inform your strategies.

  • Optimize opening times, store-wide promotions and events based on consumer trends.

  • Make parking lots safer and store locations easy to access by reviewing historic incident and congestion trends.

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