Autonomous Vehicles are coming - the challenges facing the AV future
New podcast episode from New Statesman and Wejo

In the final episode of our special partnered podcast series with New Statesman, our founder and CEO Richard Barlow joins host Alona Ferber and special guests to discuss the autonomous vehicle future that’s nearly here.

Remember when the concept of a self-driving vehicle was a far-off invention? Maybe you pictured reclining back to watch your favorite TV box set while the car did the rest? Well, that invention is nearly here. Autonomous vehicles (AVs) are already on our roads, but did you ever consider their potential beyond convenience – a future with drastically improved road safety? 

One thing’s for sure, AVs will completely transform our relationship with travel, changing our lives on a social and economic level. But before the automotive world can really put its self-driving foot down, legislation and policy must be met to ensure the technology is fit for real road scenarios on a widespread scale.

EPISODE THREE - Autonomous Vehicles are coming - the challenges facing the AV future
22 February 2023 | 20 mins

The third and final podcast episode with New Statesman focuses on the future of AVs. We explore the wider potential of self-driving vehicles, plus the regulations that inform their development and introduction to our roads.

Wejo is also helping to guide this process with our Autonomous Vehicle Operating System (AV-OS). In its latest evolution, we’ve developed an AV prototype – DLIVEREE – that integrates real-time connected vehicle data to support future AV development, testing, and operation.

Click play below to hear Richard and a panel of automotive and AV industry experts discuss just how far autonomy on our roads can take us – and what we need to do to get there.

Featured guests

Alona Ferber
New Statesman
Editor of the Spotlight policy channel

Richard Barlow
Founder & CEO

Larry Burns
General Motors
Ex-Corporate Vice President of Research & Development | Wejo board member


Amanda Stretton
Former Racing Driver
Broadcaster | Automotive expert

In this podcast you’ll discover:

- The life-changing potential of autonomous vehicles
- The legislation and policy enabling their widespread use
- The story so far, and what needs to happen to accelerate self-driving cars

Listen back to the two previous episodes in the series: exploring the potential of connected vehicle data and the current situation with the electric vehicle uptake.

Innovations to propel an autonomous future

Our Autonomous Vehicle Operating System (AV OS) platform is powered by historical and real-time data sourced from 13 million connected vehicles.

Wejo’s historical and real-time data provide Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) with the ability explore and develop their own autonomous vehicles. The insight provided from over 80 billion journeys instantly create a highly experienced autonomous driver that understands historical decisions made by vehicles, traffic patterns, and routes. Wejo smart mobility data also provides movements of vehicles in their immediate vicinity so the vehicle can make calculated instant decisions to maintain road safety and safe movements. 

Our AV-OS platform is channelled into our two developing autonomous vehicles:

Autonomous robotaxi and ride hailing vehicle​

Autonomous freight and delivery vehicle

These autonomous vehicles being tracked tested and will soon progress to “on the road” testing to showcase to OEMs that they can access powerful insights from Wejo to drive their own AV innovations.

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