Exploring the potential of connected vehicle data

New podcast series from New Statesman and Wejo

Our founder and CEO Richard Barlow joins New Statesman's Alona Ferber, plus other expert guests, for a special partnered series on the transformative role connected vehicle data will play in shaping the future.

When people discuss the potential of data to improve our daily lives, it’s often a forward-looking conversation. And that makes sense, when there’s a seemingly infinite playing field of big data that can be streamlined into world-changing solutions. Wejo, of course, has a lot to say on the subject. But as far as our solutions go, that potential is already being realized – bringing the future into focus with connected vehicle data.

EPISODE ONE - How connected vehicle data is going to change the world
28 December 2022 | 21 mins

In the first of three Wejo-featured podcast episodes from New Statesman’s Spotlight policy supplement, we discuss how connected vehicle data is already changing the world. 

By applying an intelligent combination of historical and real-time vehicle data, we’ve shown that there’s a better way to analyze information. One that’s more efficient, cost effective, and direct to the source – with a proven impact in helping to ease traffic congestion and prevent road accidents, among many other use cases.

With help from an expert panel of guests, hear Richard unpack the benefits of connected vehicle data, and discuss how Wejo uses its platform – which contains access to 90 million+ daily journeys – to create Smart Mobility for Good™ solutions.

Featured guests

Alona Ferber
New Statesman
Editor of the Spotlight policy channel

Richard Barlow
Founder & CEO

John Stenlake
Director of Vehicle Innovation & Mobility

Peter Van ManenFormer Managing Director of McLaren Electronic Systems

In this podcast you’ll discover:

- The origins of connected vehicle data
- Potential problems, and solutions, around data privacy
- The potential of data for local authority service delivery
- How connected vehicle data is already creating wider social benefits, such as reducing insurance premiums, and empowering motor manufacturers with better mobility services.

Ready to hear the benefits from the experts making them happen? Hit the play button and listen instantly.

Stay tuned for the next episode in the series, focused on overcoming EV adoption obstacles and accelerating the AV future.

Innovations to propel an autonomous future

Our Autonomous Vehicle Operating System (AV OS) platform is powered by historical and real-time data sourced from 13 million connected vehicles.

Wejo’s historical and real-time data provide Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) with the ability explore and develop their own autonomous vehicles. The insight provided from over 80 billion journeys instantly create a highly experienced autonomous driver that understands historical decisions made by vehicles, traffic patterns, and routes. Wejo smart mobility data also provides movements of vehicles in their immediate vicinity so the vehicle can make calculated instant decisions to maintain road safety and safe movements. 

Our AV-OS platform is channelled into our two developing autonomous vehicles:

Autonomous robotaxi and ride hailing vehicle​

Autonomous freight and delivery vehicle

These autonomous vehicles being tracked tested and will soon progress to “on the road” testing to showcase to OEMs that they can access powerful insights from Wejo to drive their own AV innovations.

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