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Outpace the competition and keep drivers safe and happy by understanding how your fleet really travels with real-time insights from connected vehicle data
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Driving innovation in transportation

Wejo provides data from more than 10 million active connected vehicles, giving fleet solution providers a unique view into traffic and congestion conditions. Be confident in your route planning, maximize efficiency and uncover new, innovative ways to deliver value to customers and drivers.

Unlocking the value in connected car data for Fleet Management Professionals

Optimize fleet routing
Understand traffic and congestion trends to intelligently plan routes and more confidently predict ETAs.

Support major event planning
Use historic traffic patterns to confidently scale fleets and build appropriate and effective day-of timelines.

Find solutions for urban parking challenges
Understand parking availability and meter laws across metro areas to best advise drivers.

Avoid dangerous or difficult roadways

Gain insight into areas with high incident rates or challenging conditions to design routes that keep drivers safe.

Why Fleet Management Professionals choose Wejo

Increase fleet efficiency

Design the most effective routes using historic traffic data and avoid congestion areas and road incidents with real-time insight to activity.

  • Spend less time collecting data and more time analyzing to drive action.

  • Gain reliable and accurate mobility insights from millions of vehicles to inform route planning.

Improve customer experience

Serve as a trusted expert to customers, advising on timelines and setting expectations backed by real connected vehicle data.

  • From nationwide to rural areas, Wejo data covers 95% of roads in the USA to support multiple concurrent projects.

  • Confidently manage timelines by accessing the world’s largest source of connected car data, standardized across brands for unbiased information that you can easily integrate into your data analyses.

Improve employee satisfaction

Determine the quickest, safest route for drivers so they can get the job done with less time on the roads, helping avoid burnout and increase quality of life.

  • Identify and avoid dangerous road conditions like potholes, ice or high speeds.

  • Determine which roadways will be the most efficient for fleet routes using data from billions of connected vehicle journeys.

  • Real-time monitoring of crash events lets you re-route drivers to avoid long backups.

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