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Helping car sharing and ridesharing applications providers understand real-time road activity to optimize networks for better driver and customer experiences
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Revolutionizing mobility for a safer, greener world

Wejo analyzes billions of journeys from millions of active connected vehicles to provide near real-time insights into what is happening on the roads. Use granular, accurate and reliable connected vehicle data to plan and manage more intelligent sharing networks. Wejo data allows users to get where they are going safer, faster and with less frustration.

Unlocking the value in connected vehicle data for Smart Mobility providers

Predict accurate ETAs
Use traffic trends and incident data to better predict when a customer will arrive at their destination.

Better match drivers to passengers

Avoid long wait times and frustrating experiences by matching drivers with riders more efficiently using the most current data.

Select optimal car sharing parking spots
Analyze traffic trends to choose parking locations that are convenient and safe.

Avoid delays
Keep drivers and riders safe and happy by avoiding congestion and dangerous routes.

Why Smart Mobility providers choose Wejo

Access to real-time insights

Low-latency data lets you make decisions based on up-to-the-second information.

  • Highly granular data captured in 3 seconds or less for precise detail.

  • Unique vehicle sensors  give insight into weather road conditions and safety.

  • Location data is 95% accurate within a 3-meter radius and available within 30 seconds.

Ensure privacy and security

Data is secure and compliant with necessary regulations, delivering maximum driver and rider privacy.

  • Adheres to all regulatory guidelines and requirements, easing user burden while ensuring data privacy.

  • Privacy policies, recognized by third-party security certifications, ensure what’s private, stays private.

Flexible integration

Bring the power of connected vehicle data to your smart mobility network on your terms.

  • Simple to ingest data that can integrate with existing sources.

  • Flexible transfer methods mean data can be streamed directly to your cloud or API.

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