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Making Wejo Journey Intelligence Work for You

August 23, 2021
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Wejo Journey Intelligence aggregates exclusive journey data from millions of active connected vehicles to provide easy-to-consume insights into origin-to-destination trends, including volume of traffic on certain roads, vehicle speeds, and how long it is taking drivers to get from one point of interest (POI) to another. Today, Journey Intelligence can even tell you the fuel (electric, hybrid, or internal combustion) and body types (truck, minivan, sedan, etc.) across journeys, along with dwell time, a word used to describe how long vehicles are staying in one place. This rich data provides a deeper understanding of exactly how traffic is trending in specific locations, geographic regions, or waypoints, across the entire United States.  

You may be thinking, how can it help my specific business challenges? And we have some good news – CVD can be applied across sectors to solve problems, generate revenue, and outpace competitors:  

For Transportation Planning:

Move past aftermarket surveys and roadside sensors that are costly and can be inaccurate. Instead, use actual car volume to model traffic patterns from one location to another to get a more reliable understanding of what’s happening on the roads. From examining the busiest commuter routes based on how the volume changes over time, season and weather conditions, to comparing and benchmarking different roadways and waypoints against one another, you can use Journey Intelligence to make smarter plans and recommendations.  

For Cities and DOTs:

Facing competitive projects and need to make informed decisions on where to invest in new infrastructure, repairs existing roads, tunnels and bridges, and pave the way to a more efficient and electric future? Journey Intelligence can help you gain a more granular understanding of how vehicles are moving throughout your community to prioritize projects and gain buy-in from stakeholders. Design electric vehicle charging locations based on journey data from hybrid and electric cars. Inform public and multi-modal transport infrastructure decisions with accurate historic trends. Support work zone planning and emergency response with real-time insights into traffic patterns and road incidents. Decrease congestion and optimize road networks with reliable origin-to-destination data for greener, safer more livable communities.  

For Logistics and Fleets:  

Customer expectations for fast delivery and accurate ETAs are higher than ever. Ensure you’re optimizing the first and last miles with insights that are easy-to-access, cost-effective and offer a high speed of visibility. Get real-time views into route congestion and road incidents to redirect drivers, avoiding delivery delays. Determine the best spots for parking and staging trucks based on Journey Intelligence’s access to POI-based dwell time. And save on fuel by implementing intelligent, data-driven route planning – lowering your carbon footprint, costs and required vehicle maintenance.  

For Retail:  

What’s the best spot for your next location? Get an accurate view of vehicle journey patterns around specific locations to analyze and compare site locations. Journey Intelligence can help you understand the behavior of vehicles around a location including how long they stay in that spot and which POIs they may be visiting before or after passing it – critical insight when considering where to invest in opening a new storefront.  

For Real Estate:

Want to outpace your competitors by spotting the next best hot spot with a unique and exclusive data source? CVD can predict how successful a given location will be based on journey trends around that specific location. Use Journey Intelligence to access insights that will change your business. Make more informed decisions, get more investors bought in faster with reliable, accurate data behind your presentations, and achieve better, and more predictable, ROI.

For Road Operators and Toll Roads:  

Knowledge is revenue when it comes to CVD. By better understanding the journeys that may be attracted to new or improved infrastructure, you can prioritize where to focus investment and increase overall profitability. You can also evaluate opportunities for dynamic pricing and predict what the most attractive fuel source stops may be for drivers based on their vehicle types with Journey Intelligence.  

For Bridges, Tunnels and Turnpikes:

By analyzing specific waypoints to see the flow of traffic through different times of day, seasons and weather patterns, you can better understand the demand on specific infrastructure and plan and prioritize improvements. On top of that, you can also gain insight into the types of vehicles most likely to use a given bridge, tunnel, or turnpike with Journey Intelligence, and schedule projects during times of low volume to minimize congestion.  

Why Wejo?

We understand different industries have different needs when it comes to understanding what is happening out on the roads. That’s why Journey Intelligence is versatile in delivering origin-to-destination trends that help you meet the unique needs of your business. You can customize, and only pay for, the data you access – whether that’s analyzing journey data within a city or county, looking at trends around a specific point of interest, or studying waypoints like roads, bridges, or offramps.  

With Journey Intelligence, you can see both real-time and historic journey trends, meeting all necessary security and privacy regulations. And because Wejo holds exclusive, direct relationships with automotive manufacturers, it is the only data set of its kind, sourced directly from connected vehicles, meaning it can’t be accessed anywhere else.  

Start making Big Data work for you – without the high costs and headaches. Get started with Journey Intelligence today by downloading the info pack here and request a demo below.

By clicking submit you consent to sharing your data with Wejo for the purposes of contacting you regarding Wejo’s products and services
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Making Wejo Journey Intelligence Work for You
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