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#wejourney Weekly Wrap #8

April 23, 2021
Richard Barlow
Richard Barlow
Founder and CEO

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Word from Richard

Hey everyone, hope you’ve had another brilliant week and are all keeping well. I’ve been really excited about sharing our news this week, because it’s been action-packed.

On Thursday, it was world Earth Day, an annual event that gives us the chance to pause our busy lives and reflect on our commitment to protecting the environment. Echoing my post on LinkedIn, 7 years ago when I founded Wejo, one of my core focuses was how we can use data for good to help accelerate the movement towards net zero emissions in the mobility space. Nothing has changed and our commitment to this not only remains unwavering, but as we grow our presence and uses of connected vehicle data, I’m immensely excited by the growing number of real-world examples where we’ve made an impact for the better.

In other news, we continued the release of our ‘Versus’ films, a series in which I address various real-world problems and explain what Wejo is doing to solve them. The dreaded topics of Parking and Breakdowns starred this week, both issues we’re all too familiar with, so do check out our social media channels to see how Wejo is directly solving those issues.

We were also in Wales earlier this week, shooting some super exciting content in Anglesey at the famed Trac Môn. I won’t give too much away, as we’ll be releasing it in the coming weeks, but I think this could well be the biggest and most exciting data-driven automotive content we’ve brought you yet, so stay tuned!

Finally, next week the focus is on another cause incredibly close to my heart, National Work Zone Awareness Week. This year’s theme is “Drive Safe. Work Safe. Save Lives” perfectly sums up a large part of Wejo’s mission and reason for being, in that we want to make drivinf safe for drivers, and those around the vehicles too, including workers. We’ll be hosting a webinar with our partners at Google, General Motors, Purdue University and the Indiana Department of Transport on Wednesday – more details are below.

That’s all from me this week, but please read on for more news and a thank you for joining us on this #wejourney.

Have a great weekend,


Wejo versus

Wejo Versus

We released two more versus films this week, after the warming success of the first two videos, which went live last week. The topics this week were Wejo versus Parking’ and ‘Wejo versus Breakdowns’.

Off the back of the fantastic reception to last week’s, we’ve again loved hearing about how many of you have not only been entertained, but informed, by the series. We have the final video of the series releasing early next week, one tied closely to next week’s focus on safety, so do keep your eyes peeled on our channels.

If you missed those that have already been released, don’t worry, we’ve got you, they are all available to view on YouTube.

Shooting content in Anglesey

This week, Richard, members of our team, film crews and a host of famous faces in the automotive world, headed up to the famous Trac Môn. It’s a great track, set to a stunning background and we certainly did it justice with the content we shot there…

We had the biggest names in car makers, many of our OEM partners’ cars and some of the best drivers in the world driving them, all in the name of Data Driven Dares, our most exciting and ambitious series of content to date.

Not only were we taking the cars to their limit in the name of great content, but we were also diving into the tech and data capabilities of these vehicles and unpacking how Wejo works with them to make drivers’ lives easier, safer and cleaner. We don’t want to give away too much, trust us it’s worth the wait, so you’ll just have to sit tight and keep an eye on our channels to see more.

But, because you’re here, we will give you a short sneak peek…

P.S. We’ve also opened a new TikTok account which has some behind the scenes content, with plenty more to come!

Workzone safety week

National Work Zone Awareness Week 2021

Last, but by no means least, next week is National Work Zone Awareness week, a very important week for all of us at Wejo.

As part of the event, we will be hosting a panel on Wednesday April 28th, 2pm EST, with experts from Purdue University, Google, General Motors and the Indiana Department of Transportation, to explore how technology can not only help improve the future of transportation but also protect those building that future.

It's a brilliant opportunity to learn so much; including the benefits of using connected vehicle data for work zone safety planning, real examples of how Purdue University uses connected vehicle data to provide the Indiana DOT with insight on work zone safety issues and how Google Cloud’s platform provides secure, cost-effective data storage

It’s not to be missed, and you can register to join us for free by following this link - see you there!

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#wejourney Weekly Wrap #8
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