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#Wejourney Weekly Wrap #23

August 20, 2021
Richard Barlow
Richard Barlow
Founder and CEO

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Word from Richard

Hello and welcome to another Weekly Wrap.

The subject of data privacy is one that we take very seriously here at Wejo. It’s a topic that has come to the fore in recent years particularly when discussing things such as social media and app permissions on our phones. For example, this week I read an article discussing the requests for personal data that people visiting bars and restaurants have faced as more establishments move to app-based ordering. Not all the data requested is necessary, particularly when you only want a drink, but worse is that most people don’t consider how this data is used and sold and the value of that to the retailer.

It’s this grey zone of trust between convenience and privacy that led me to place such an emphasis on data privacy here at Wejo and our commitment to only using Data For Good™. At Wejo, we understand that data is very personal to everyone, whether it’s something with your name on or just an observation of your behavior. We put data security at the top of our priority list, provide aggregated data that masks individuals, and are working on more solutions that standardise input from the various car brands to reduce identifiers even further.

Data For Good™ is also about accelerating the drive towards an emission-free future and this week the UK government has unveiled their plans to kickstart the UK’s hydrogen economy. Making the shift from petrol and diesel to EVs and hydrogen is a massive challenge, not least because of the need to balance new infrastructure with initial low demand, but at least the task of finding the best places to install new infrastructure can be made easier by analysing connected vehicle data. In the case of the UK, the initial goal seems to be targeting HGVs first, whilst funds are also being earmarked to support the production of new hydrogen production plants. It surely won’t be an easy ride, but every revolution has to start somewhere.

Our own revolution has already started and was the subject of our Waycare webinar held earlier this week. We were delighted to be able to present ‘How 20 U.S. geographies are now able to better detect, predict and respond to traffic incidents’ to such a lively audience and enjoyed some great engagement with them in our Q&A session. If you missed it, you’ll find the link to the session in the relevant section below this to watch in your own time.

Finally, we also shared a video on our social media this week of our lovely EVP of Sales and Partnerships, Sarah Larner, discussing her time working with us at the tech unicorn that is Wejo. It’s a great insight into the adventures we’ve been on as a team over the past few years. Most don’t know that Sarah was employee number eight at Wejo and she’s been a truly valuable member of the team since day one. We’re always looking for talent like Sarah, people who bring a passion for changing the world and believe in the mission we’re on. If you are such a person, do check out our job openings.

Thanks again for joining and have a great weekend.


Data Privacy: Don’t Give Away More Than You Need To

Our entire life is on our phone these days and digitalization is creeping into our social gatherings ever more with food and drink establishments increasingly moving towards app-based ordering. Whilst many apps request far more personal information than is strictly necessary, there are signs that the operators of these apps may be starting to scale back thanks to feedback from consumers. The Information Commissioner’s Office is warning people to be wary of how much private information people give away in exchange for convenience. Read more about the story here.

UK hydrogen production

UK Government Sets Out Plan To Ramp Up Commercial Hydrogen Production

Electric cars are becoming more and more popular but the switch to battery electric trucks is far more challenging given the weight and usage patterns of heavy commercial vehicles. A more feasible option is hydrogen trucks, and these are being targeted as part of the UK’s drive to go emission-free by 2050. Read more about the full proposal in Autocar’s article here.

Waycare and Wejo Webinar A Great Success

A sizeable and fully engaged audience joined the Wejo and Waycare Webinar on the subject of using connected vehicle data to detect, predict and respond to traffic incidents. The whole event, including an excellent Q&A session, can be found in the full session recording here in case you missed it.

Working At A Tech Unicorn: Insight From A Wejo Veteran

New age tech companies have a reputation for being interesting places to work with a high-paced working environment and the requirement to wear many hats at once. There’s no doubt that it takes an element of courage and resilience to make it in what can be a challenging environment, but Wejo employee number eight, Sarah Larner, has survived and thrived long enough to share her thoughts and memories on her time at Wejo.

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#Wejourney Weekly Wrap #23
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