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Weekly Wrap #25

September 3, 2021
Richard Barlow
Richard Barlow
Founder and CEO

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Word from Richard

Welcome again to the Weekly Wrap.

As I mentioned already in last week’s wrap, instances of extreme weather are becoming increasingly prevalent in our daily life, causing massive disruption and, in the worst cases, loss of life. Over the last week Hurricane Ida has battered the US East Coast. There are reports of nine deaths in New York City and New Jersey and a state of emergency has been declared due to record flooding.

These tragedies are not always avoidable, but many lives can be saved on roads and in vehicles by using the connected vehicle data that’s available from Wejo. During the Texas Winter Storm earlier in 2021, Wejo data was able to identify where people were using their vehicles to stay warm due to power outages in their homes. At the same time, insights like increased wiper usage can warn other drivers of particularly treacherous road conditions.

These are the kinds of insights we present in our latest video which talks about extreme weather and the benefits of using connected vehicle data through these crises. Whilst it’s unfortunate that it can sometimes take huge natural disasters to raise awareness of these issues and the solutions to them, we do have to face the fact that we’re likely to experience many more in the years ahead. We’re here to tell you that there are solutions to save lives and minimise the worst outcomes of these events.

Looking ahead to what’s coming up for Wejo, next week we’ll be launching the latest videos from our DataForGood™ series about usage-based insurance (UBI). UBI is one of the great benefits of connected vehicle data that can unlock better deals on car insurance and much more. Alongside our investor partners Sompo and Palantir, we aim to bring some exciting innovations to this field in the years ahead so be sure to check out the videos on our YouTube channel from Monday.

Also coming up next week is an important event in the motoring calendar, the IAA Mobility, which this year will be hosted in Munich for the first time. Our colleagues Paul Reynolds and Feda Abidrabbu will be in attendance and will talking all things connected vehicle data with automakers and other key players across the mobility spectrum. The event promises to very different this year as the focus turns away from merely an auto show to one that presents all aspects of a connected mobility world.

Finally, something to get really excited about. On September 28th and 29th, Wejo will be launching a brand-new product at MOVE America, a major mobility event being held in Texas. The new platform will make accessibility to connected vehicle data simpler, faster, and clearer than ever before. I won’t go into too many details now, that would spoil the surprise, but be sure to get your ticket, meet us at the show, and join the panel discussion we will be part of discussing how to use connected vehicle data to improve road safety.

Have a great weekend, and I’ll see you next week.


Data For Good™: Extreme Weather

Earlier this year, Wejo data was on hand to support local government and organizations during the Texas Winter Storm. Our insights revealed the surprising ways people were using their cars during the blackouts and were able to give a real-time picture of conditions on the ground. This kind of data can be used to help save lives and make roads safer during times of extreme weather. Take a look for yourself in our second Extreme Weather video above.

Data For Good™: Usage-Based Insurance

Next week we’ll be launching the latest theme in our DataForGood™ video series, Usage-based Insurance (UBI). Using connected vehicle data, we can help make insurance premiums cheaper for safe drivers, reward those who drive well, and develop a host of other benefits. We’ve partnered with Sompo, a Japanese insurance company, to work on exactly this topic, so check out our YouTube channel next Monday, September 6th, to find out a little more about it.

IAA Mobility

The IAA in Germany is changing location and focus this year as the shift moves towards mobility as a whole. Whether it’s cars, bikes, commercial vehicles, scooters, or ride-on lawnmowers, there’s a use case for connected vehicle data, which is why our team will be on hand at the event sharing the benefits and use cases for all that information. Read more about the IAA and its new focus on the official IAA page.

MOVE America – A New Wejo Product is Coming

As one of the premier mobility events in the United States, there’s no more suitable place for the launch of a new Wejo product than MOVE America. It’s still under wraps so we’re not going to give the game away just yet, but we can confirm that Wejo will be there, in the flesh, with a booth at the event and colleagues on hand to tell you all about our connected vehicle data. You can book your tickets and read more about the event here.

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Weekly Wrap #25
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