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Improving the now, transforming the future

Too often, leaders have delivered platitudes over progress. Now, for the first time in a century, we intend to move the automotive industry forward.

Self-driving cars, electric vehicles and other innovations are being held back by a lack of infrastructure. This is where our data comes in.

We’re connected to 11.9 million live vehicles – each one revealing traffic information as well as network imperfections, undiscovered routes and opportunities for improvement.

Making connections across the world

Working with global leaders across a wide range of sectors, we intend to apply our five petabytes of data to help lower emissions, inspire innovation and save lives.


Cloud data vendor Palantir

Since June 2021, we’ve been working with Palantir Technologies (NYSE: PLTR) to solve problems with mobility and help more people benefit from connected vehicle data. Their Foundry platform unlocks a diverse range of use cases which will benefit society on a global scale and enables stakeholders to uncover the hidden value within their data. That spurs innovation, improves quality and opens the doors for new products.


Vehicle technology manufacturer HELLA

Our partnership with HELLA, one of the world’s leading automotive suppliers, stems from their investment in technologies such as e-mobility, autonomous driving, software and digital lighting. Subsidiary HELLA GUTMANN also invests in diagnostic tools, data products and services for the automotive aftermarket. By working together, we can give consumers proactive notifications of vehicle health issues, make accurate recommendations for improvement, and ensure the right parts are ordered.


Industry and the public sector

To deliver on our aim of revolutionizing mobility, we’ve done more than connect vehicles. Working with thought leaders industry-wide, we’ve created partnerships that will shape transport for years to come. Increasingly, we’re also working with government bodies and academic institutions like Purdue University to reduce collisions, ease congestion and improve mapping.

How we’re delivering solutions to the mobility and transportation ecosystem

Our company has a wealth of use cases that demonstrate the true value of connected vehicle insights.



Why we’re working together

Microsoft invested in Wejo in June 2021, and we formed a partnership to move our cloud infrastructure to Microsoft Azure. As a result, Wejo can extract extensive data and grow a library of data assets that enable customers to make better business decisions.

What’s more, we can provide differentiated experiences, find new revenue streams, and drive future innovation across the broader mapping and automotive sectors.

What we’ve achieved so far

Microsoft is also a Wejo customer, and we are optimizing Bing’s mapping products. This allows them to identify new routes for mapping app users. Plus, Microsoft can leverage historical and near real-time data from us to fine-tune their solution.

Why we’re working together

JR Engineering provides superior civil engineer and land surveying services to both public and private clients. Their expertise covers planning, construction services, landscape architecture, transportation and water resources.

Supporting organizations of all sizes, JR Engineering operates across major cities and MPOs across Colorado.

What we’ve achieved so far

Applying Wejo’s Intersection Performance solution enabled JR Engineering to analyze key intersections at two locations. Combining this with Traffic Intelligence, they were better able to understand areas for improvement when it came to local infrastructure.


Why we’re working together

The world's largest geographic information system provider, Esri stands at the forefront of an industry with an estimated worth of $158 billion by 2027. Providing tools for over 350,000 organizations and 50% of Fortune 500 companies as well as most national governments, they saw the value in connected vehicle data.

However, they also recognized that our insights are both high-volume and dynamic. Only by working together could their customers digest them and attain value.

What we’ve achieved so far

Using our insights, Esri customers can now identify road incidents and mitigate congestion. This has subsequently increased retailer marketing ROI by matching vehicle type and occupancy to store visit data.

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