Unlocking the value in connected vehicles for business

By collaborating with ethical and like-minded private sector partners, together we will revolutionise journeys utilising connected car data

Wejo for business

We bring together the world’s connected car data in a single data marketplace, taking the hard work out of accessing data and insights. We standardise data across brands, enhance it and make it simple to start streaming or integrate.

As cars become more connected, the accessible data available will continue to grow. We work closely with our automotive partners to ensure you benefit from the latest data and capabilities. We provide data at your preferred frequency and volume to unlock new opportunities for everyone.

We work with businesses across industries – from local governments to retailers to engineering firms. Together, we make the roads safer, driving smarter and our communities more sustainable.

Key Features

Lane-level precision

Location data 95% accurate to within a 3-metre radius, the size of a typical car

Premium quality

Verified for quality prior to delivery to ensure consistently trustworthy, complete and high-grade data

Flexible transfer methods

Data streamed directly to your cloud or API

High definition

Highly granular data captured in 3 seconds or less for precise detail

Your data, your way

Define the volume and regularity of data you receive with flexible filtering options

Our products

Wejo Traffic Intelligence

Wejo Traffic Intelligence provides traffic trends for your location in a simple-to-read insight report. Powered by rich and accurate data from millions of connected cars on Wejo’s platform, Traffic Intelligence:

  • Is easy to understand with no need to process huge volumes of data

  • Provides recent and historical data insights to easily compare time periods

  • Can easily be imported into MI tools, no need for API integration

Vehicle Movements

High frequency movements & journey data

  • Real-time information on journeys, traffic and locations

  • High frequency, high velocity streamed data

  • Powerful location filtering

  • Deliver enhanced mobility experiences or make near real-time decisions

Driving events

Identify common driving events & trends

  • Current and historical information about driving behaviours

  • Typically batch and deferred data

  • Identify patterns and trends and use these insights to predict and develop data driven strategies


How we’re already disrupting with connected car data

Congestion modelling

Our partner wanted to accurately analyse normal congestion levels and identify any anomalies that impacted traffic volume. They wanted to compare congestion on a normal day to that on a day with adverse weather conditions to better inform decision making.

Using historical traffic data, we created an accurate model that predicts travel states, including congestion and up to half hourly distributions of traffic speed.

Event traffic planning

Events create surges in traffic both in and around the event location. Our partner wanted to analyse driving patterns during major events to provide a view of which roads within the network were impacted by congestion, along with where traffic was coming from and when peak times were. We also identified preferred driver routes in and out of the city.

Improving city parking

Our partner wanted to analyse the movement of vehicles to identify the parking preferences of drivers during peak times when spaces were in high demand. Using wejo’s Driving Events data, we pinpointed the exact timing when a journey came to an end, to provide our partners with insights into high-demand parking locations and times. This supported targeted marketing as well as provided an insight into competitor activity to help drive business efficiency.

Retail sales predictions

We collaborated with a retail partner to validate the hypothesis around visitor behaviour in the run up to a major sales period. Our data and insights provided insight into impact of sales events on footfall, supporting the partner in improving business efficiencies. Our data allowed them to better understand their customers journeys to retail locations throughout the course of the year to better prepare for major events and sales.

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