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We partner with car manufacturers on a number of services allowing them to utilise the data they have at their fingertips.

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

A fully integrated platform experience

Benefit from a fully integrated platform that provides a range of services that supports both internal and external use cases, from a data monetization portal to an insights and BI channel. We have identified significant opportunities to disrupt and create value for drivers, OEMs and their networks by providing deep understanding of customers and driving habits.

Data Marketplace

Join a leading data exchange marketplace

The tools, services and skills you need to stream your data, access a multi-industry marketplace and start monetizing. We remove barriers to entry by creating a single marketplace, bringing together data from global automotive manufacturers. We securely process and enhance data using our award-winning technology platform to make it simple to license.

Neutral Server +

Enhancing the in-car experience  

Make driving and owning vehicles a more personalized and digital experience through the secure sharing of personalized vehicle data. Wejo’s Neutral Server + is a cloud-based solution that enables you to grow a data ecosystem with businesses and developers, while ensuring the driver is in control of what data is shared. Neutral Server + is built on our award-winning ADEPT platform, ensuring scale, performance and security.

BI & Analytics

Advanced data science

Analytics and data science can deliver additional value from connected car data. The Wejo ADEPT platform supports various methods for data science experimentation and analytical modelling. This includes the use of data science notebooks, and integration with leading toolsets and open source technology.

Wejo Retail Price Index

Unprecedented vehicle pricing insight

Understand and analyze sales performance data at a speed and scale that’s unparalleled in the automotive industry. Our Retail Price Index allows you to accurately understand day-to-day market conditions such as stock movement and the effectiveness of dealership discounts. Demand forecasting, inventory, strategic pricing behavior and model variance are all available through our index.

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