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Automotive data exchange platform

Solve business challenges and create innovative business models with our award-winning big data technology.

Making connectivity data accessible

In a fragmented ecosystem of hardware providers, car manufacturers, consumer experience solutions, scoring providers and insurers, learning how to disrupt with connectivity data is a challenge shared by businesses across all sectors.

But how do you handle all that data in the first instance? Building a data and analytics architecture that can effectively and efficiently ingest, process and analyse connectivity data on a global scale is no small feat.

That’s where wejo ADEPT comes in. We make accessing connectivity data simple. Gain a better understanding of your data or dive into our open-network data pool and let wejo ADEPT unlock the insight you need to drive growth.

Use today. Plan for tomorrow

wejo ADEPT can effortlessly transform your data into bespoke, meaningful insights, whilst our in-house data asset allows you to tap into a vast network of connectivity insights.

Our data ranges from simple GPS through to comprehensive vehicle sensor data and is harvested from a conglomerate of global sources. wejo is trusted to expertly curate, cleanse and process live data from millions of vehicles in key territories.

Our agile approach to data services provides our partners with the flexibility to work with wejo on a global or domestic basis.

source agnostic

Source agnostic

wejo ADEPT ingests, aggregates and curates connectivity data from any source, including mobile, OBDII, black box and connected car data.



Privacy and security is at the heart of wejo ADEPT, with driver consent management central to that.

flexible by design


We understand how the
demands of OEMs and insurers vary, so wejo ADEPT has been built from the ground up to be flexible by design.

wejo ADEPT fits your business, perfectly

Imagine how connectivity data could enhance your business. Real-time journey data. Intelligent insight about how vehicles are used. Predictive and proactive driving behaviour. wejo ADEPT offers this and much more, delivering the data and insights that ensure your business shapes the future.

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