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Latest percentage change in journey volumes

As stay-at-home orders came into effect across the US, we have seen the number of trips out reduce drastically (w/c 22 Jun 2020)

Weekly percentage change in journey volumes compared to pre-COVID levels

March - June 2020

Data science overview

Across America we started to see the number of journeys decrease by 18.2% even before stay-at-home orders come into effect, as people started to become more aware of the potential impact of COVID-19.

On 22 March, we saw the biggest single-day decrease in journeys of 28.1% following lockdown orders in California, Illinois, New Jersey and New York.

1 in 11 cars in the US is being driven daily during lockdown

wejo compared driving behaviour for the first 27 days of February, March and April

Data science overview

wejo’s connected vehicle data insights reveal that stay-at-home orders have had a clear and direct impact on how often Americans are using their cars. Pre-coronavirus daily vehicle usage has dropped by 50%, with just 9.4% of drivers in April using their car every day.

As daily vehicle usage drops significantly and the number of drivers using their car more than three days a week stays relatively stable, there is an increase in those using their car for less than 3 days per week.  We will continue to analyse the situation as more data becomes available.