Discover a better world with connected vehicle data

Wejo stands for We Journey.

Wejo is the leader in connected vehicle data, with over 10 million cars sending 14 billion data points a day to our cloud. That’s more than twice as many Wejo data points than Google searches in a day.

So what? This data enables cities to reduce congestion and accidents, construction firms to know where to build, retailers to understand their customers, and for you and me? It enables us to move faster, produce fewer emissions, drive more safely and ultimately save time, money and the environment.

Clean city

In the near future, connected cars could have the same impact as smart phones. You’ll soon be paying for your coffee through your car, finding a parking space automatically (and your car will tell other cars when you leave that space), effortlessly informing your insurer in case of an accident or theft in real time, and much more.

We journey to this world thanks to Wejo.

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