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Helping Local, State, and Federal Government agencies tackle traffic and congestion in towns and cities
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Advancing the way the world views traffic and congestion

Wejo provides accurate and unbiased unique journey data, curated from millions of connected cars, to help Local, State and Federal Government agencies visualize traffic and congestion conditions. Unlock a deeper understanding of mobility trends, make better decisions, support policy development and solve problems more effectively for your towns and cities.

Hurricane Report: The Eastern Transportation Coalition

"The visualization of regional connected vehicle data as individual vehicles in a live data stream brings amazing intuitive value. Connected vehicle data is growing in size and velocity, and we are blazing new ground to visualize real-time volume."

Unlocking the value in connected car data for State and Federal Government

Work towards inclusive road safety
Ensure all modes of transport have suitable usage of roads.

Deliver effective traffic control measures
Fully understand traffic and congestion requirements for your area.

Understand seasonality trends
Put traffic calming measures in place by understanding trends for when your roads, highways and junctions will be gridlocked.

Assessment for fair congestion pricing
Map out congestion zones accurately by getting a granular understanding of traffic and congestion of your roads and highways.

Why State and Federal Government agencies choose Wejo

Ensure Data Accuracy & Integrity

Gain accurate and valuable insights that can help you recommend safety improvements to road networks, help ease traffic and congestion, and improve air quality.

  • Gain insights from accurate data, which can help you recommend safety improvements to road networks, help ease traffic and congestion, and improve air quality.

  • Gain reliable and accurate mobility data from millions of modern vehicles that house powerful computers, embedded with sensors, which collect data at 1-3 seconds intervals.

Speed of Visibility

Explore, analyze and visualize connected vehicle data from millions of vehicles to extract meaningful and actionable traffic and congestion insights.

  • Spend less time collecting data and more time analyzing data.

  • Analyze multiple points of interest (POIs) to assess the best approaches for future planning.

  • Gain unprecedented access to connected vehicle data.

  • Understand multimodal travel and transport usage behavior.

Boost Operational Efficiency

Reduce time spent in the field collecting data and maximize productivity, with frictionless access to the insights you need to make data-driven recommendations.

  • Automate the manual, time-consuming and error-prone traditional data collection tasks, to accelerate your projects, reduce resource requirements, and reduce risk.

  • Assess entire road networks when studying POIs, with no additional manual data collection required.

  • Access regional data to support multiple concurrent projects.

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