wejo Hotspot IntelligenceTM

Discover patterns of risky driving behaviour over time to improve road safety

Taking a data-driven approach to road safety

Not all incidents can be predicted using traditional methods alone. wejo Hotspot Intelligence can be used on its own or together with existing data sources to help you accurately predict driver behaviours, identify patterns and optimise strategies to improve safety and efficiency. Hotspot Intelligence takes you beyond viewing incidents in isolation, giving you an accurate view of driver behaviours in the lead up to hotspots.

Why wejo?

Lane-level precision

Location data 95% accurate to within a 3-metre radius, the size of a typical car.

Premium quality

Verified for quality prior to delivery to ensure consistently trustworthy, complete and high-grade data.

Flexible transfer methods

Data streamed directly to your cloud or API.

High definition

Highly granular data captured in 3 seconds or less for precise detail.

Your data, your way

Define the volume and regularity of data you receive with flexible filtering options.

Key Features

Your way

Use Hotspot Intelligence to precisely identify road features and routes that contribute towards known hotspots, or use the data set to discover new hotspot locations in your area of interest.

Get specific

Authentic data that’s accurate down to intersection level, removing the noise to give you genuine value. We’ll also work with you to identify the roads and locations that are of most interest to you.

Driver events

Discover new hotspots with pre-filtered data that includes key driver events known to contribute towards incidents and hotspots, including speed, acceleration and braking thresholds.


How our partners use and benefit from wejo Hotspot IntelligenceTM

Traffic operation centres

Traffic analysis and research

Smart city planners

Government and local authorities

Road/highway validation


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