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#wejourney Weekly Wrap #19

July 26, 2021
Richard Barlow
Richard Barlow
Founder and CEO

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Word from Richard

Hi everyone. Welcome to the Weekly Wrap.

Across the world we are currently observing increased instances of extreme weather causing devastation on a massive scale. Heavy flooding in central Europe and parts of China has costs hundreds of lives and displaced thousands of people, whilst wildfires in California continue to burn, starting earlier each year and ending later.

It’s widely recognized that this extreme weather is a result of global warming, a phenomenon caused by excessive emissions from factories, farming, construction, and vehicles amongst other things.

As experts in connected vehicle data, Wejo works with government agencies, transport departments, delivery companies, and more, using our knowledge to help reduce the impact vehicles have on our environment. By helping cities to plan better, reduce congestion and the associated wasted emissions, and optimize positioning of EV charging points to accelerate electric vehicle take-up, Wejo data can make a positive difference.

In addition, Wejo data can also be used to help drivers find safer routes away from the devastation wrought by extreme weather, such as floods, fires, and hurricanes. These are all reasons that support our Wejo mission of using DataForGood™.

Speaking of DataForGood, last week we filmed some new videos for our latest lightbox series and I decided to bring my five year old son along to see the set. We had great fun recording some entertaining snippets which are now online for you to enjoy. A few members of our team also recorded segments talking about life working for Wejo which I believe really speak to the positive, proactive culture we are cultivating here.

Externally we were once again in attendance at a couple of large webinars sharing our vision of a future where connected vehicle data benefits everyone, and you can also catch up on some previous sessions we joined recently.

Thanks again for reading. You’ll find out more on all these topics below.


Extreme Weather: How Wejo Aims to Help

Wejo’s connected vehicle data was used during and after Hurricane Sally to map the movement of people evacuating the area. It also produced insights showing that vehicles were being used as a means of keeping warm as the hurricane had caused power outages.

In these scenarios, Wejo aims to use data to help guide motorists to the fastest and safest route away from storms.

DataForGood™ – Wejo’s Youngest Director

Richard’s son Henry was invited onto the DataForGood film set last week and quickly set about becoming the star of the show. After directing video shoots of his Dad, young Henry was eventually coaxed onto the stage to discuss the origins of Wejo, and the outcome, we think you’ll agree, is priceless.

Positive Working Life at Wejo

We believe that happy, motivated, engaged, and diverse teams create the best outcomes and push innovation further. That’s why we foster a culture at Wejo that breeds collaboration, that challenges colleagues to seek solutions, and that appreciates the experience and skills that we all bring. But you don’t need to take that from us – listen to some of our colleagues, both veterans and newbies, tell you about life with Wejo.


This week Wejo joined the Freightwaves webinar where VP of Solution Engineering, Jaap van den Hoek, joined Product Marketing Manager, David Lechleitner and Director of Data Science and Analytics, Dan Tibble, to discuss the subject of ‘Using Connected Vehicle Data to Optimize Fleet & Logistics Routing and Planning.’ We had so many engaging questions that we weren’t able to answer them all but we will have the video for you here next week.

Following on from the ESRI User Conference we attended between July 12th and 15th, speaking on the subject of ‘What Can Connected Vehicles Tell Us About Our Roads?’, the recorded content is now available on the ESRI site once you have created a free account. This video can be found here.

Looking ahead to next week, we will be participating in the Transportation Research Board’s Road Weather Committee mid-year meeting. There we will be discussing our data collection and processing methods alongside fellow panellists including NIRA and state Departments of Transport. For anyone interested in how we use data to support transportation optimization, you can sign up using this link.

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#wejourney Weekly Wrap #19
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